Patterns, motifs, and prints come to mind when we think about curtains for the lounge room. The length of a curtain is also taken into consideration. The curtain material you choose, on the other hand, is just as significant, if not more so. Every fabric drapes and falls uniquely. Furthermore, all of these materials have their own set of characteristics. Some are easy to clean, while others entirely block the sun. You must select a fabric that matches your needs and a curtain design that complements it. 

So, to make a decision, this is a selection of curtain fabrics you can use in your living room. 

Colour Blocking Linens Fabric For The Living Room

Linen is a material that has a very summery appearance and feels to it. As a result, linen curtains give your living space a light and airy feel. Earthy tones work well with this fabric, and we love how this home uses alternating dark and light blue tints to create a colour-blocked appearance. 

Brocade With Metallic Hues Fabric For The Living Room

If you would like to be daring, go for gold, as the saying says. Brocade brings out the shine of gold or other metallic tones. The cloth is rather heavy in and of itself, which helps balance the weight of the metallic colours. You can pair such a living room curtain design with other metallic fittings and furniture with vividly coloured upholstery. 

Thick Cotton Blinds Fabric For The Living Room

When it relates to blinds, there is an excellent economy of design. They aren’t thick and must be tailored without ruffles to suit. Dense cotton having prints and patterns enhance this style of design. Because the material isn’t puffy or swishy, your blinds should stay in place. 

Silk With Indian Prints As A Lounge Room Curtain Fabric 

If you want to go the conventional approach when choosing a living room curtain design, silk is the way to go. It has a richness that no other material can rival and will drape the windows with a subtle grace. To match the touch of heritage that comes with silk curtains, use sophisticated ethnic prints. 

Viscose In Rainbow Colours Curtain Material For Sitting Room 

If you’re looking for an economical, vibrant, and low-maintenance fabric for your curtains, look no further than viscose. Curtain fabrics are simple to wash and available in a broad range of colourful colours. If you want a more lively vibe, use all the colours.

Sheers With Patterns Curtain Material In Living Room 

It’s not uncommon to see sheer curtains coupled with heavy ones. Sheers with elaborate patterns, on the other hand, are a must-have. These patterned sheers look stunning in your living room and produce a play of light if the angle is just right. 

Velvet In Rich Colours As A Living Room Fabric For Curtain

Velvet curtains serve two purposes in your living room: first, they totally block out direct sunlight, and second, they give the room a velvety appearance. If you choose this luxury fabric, make sure to coordinate this with the upholstery on your furniture as well.

Lace In White Fabric For The Living Room 

Some styles are never indeed out of vogue. Lace curtains may be a little Victorian in class, but they are unrivalled in beauty and grace to this day. When it comes to anything as blatantly vintage as lacy curtains, stick with the colour white, which is its signature hue.