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Custom Kraft boxes as can be identified from the name are made up of Kraft paper. This material is usually biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It can be best use for packing organic food items. They are strong and sturdy as well which makes them safe to use. Also, there is cause less damage to the product during shipping and transportation.

They can also be use to pack numerous other items as well i-e stationery products, dry food items, cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, etc. For the food items, extra protection is given to the boxes by adding a layer of plastic sheet inside the box. So, the box can be save from the oily spots from the food items.

Creating Custom Kraft Packaging boxes helps the client to choose the design according to their requirements. The design depends upon the product packed inside the box.

Types of Kraft Boxes

The kraft boxes can have different types as well. There are display kraft boxes in the market as well they are the same as the simple display boxes but made with kraft paper instead of any other paper.

Moving further there are square-shaped and bag-shape Kraft paper boxes as well. The square-shape boxes are used to pack soaps, cosmetics, medicines, and many other products.

The bag-shape boxes are mostly use by the restaurants like fast food chain restaurants. They pack their meals in these boxes. there are mostly different deals on foods. So, to pack them, they use these boxes. These boxes are mostly big because the deals are for 4 to 6 people. The plus point is that they a designed in a way that they are easy to carry and there is no spillage of food.

Modify your boxes elegantly

Customization gives leverage to the companies to select their designs as per their needs. Nowadays there is a lot of competitiveness in the market among different brands. The unique design ideas always catch the customer’s eye. Individuality is all it takes for the viewers to get fascinated by the product and their wish to buy it.

The design is made by the company depending upon the nature of the product. Also, the audience is kept in mind while making the design. It must be noted whether the product is for men, women, and children. Then their interests and concerns are noted and the designs are made accordingly.

If the product is related to females, then the box will be designed in such a way that it promotes femineity and have a soft look. For the male product, the dark color will be used to define their power and strength, etc.

Hemp oil

The custom Kraft boxes are also use to store hemp oil. Hemp oil is a readily use product in the market and different companies are producing and selling this oil. It is use to make a very of different products. It is use in the making of soaps and detergents.  It is use as a lubricating agent as well in different products.

To create a unique packaging for the hemp oil Custom hemp oil boxes can be made. Customization helps in creating exclusive packing. There are a variety of options for creating these boxes. the size of the boxes is usually small because the hemp oil is sold and use in small quantities. The manufacturers assist the companies by engaging their design team to create amazing designs for their boxes.


The producers also provide Custom Wholesale Kraft Boxes because the firms place the order in the majority. The price of the wholesale product is very reasonable as well because the order is place in large quantities. The wholesalers take different amounts of minimum orders starting from 100 or 500 can also be taken by the wholesalers. It is to satisfy the clients with their work and it’s then totally up to the companies whether they want to work further with them or not. In this way, their reliability will also be check. The on-time delivery of the order is very important because its delivery can cause loss to the company. A general or product survey must also be conduct by the company itself with the different company holders. It must be done to check the durability of the wholesaler companies.

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