Custom Tuck Boxes


Custom tuck boxes are specifically crafted by folding paper stock, card stock, or rigid board into a box shape usually with a snap on the lid. This enables you to easily insert and remove the contents or goods with great ease and efficiency. The box can then be used for various purposes such as storing household goods, shipping goods, pet products, and so on.

Cardboard Boxes

As far as their usage is concerned, the custom tuck boxes come in a number of different forms this being said. You can use them for packaging fresh fruits and vegetables, which are usually shipped directly from the farm. The cardboard boxes are great for storing these items and even though the freshness of the vegetables may be compromised, they can still be frozen until needed. Cardboard boxes of the same size can also be used for other items which are frozen or are otherwise pre-prepared and without losing any of their nutritional value. So, by using cardboard boxes you can save money on your grocery bill.


Tuff craft printing offers 100% customization at no additional cost. All you need to do is to select the shape of your tuck boxes with the color that you want and you can have it printed in just minutes. Other features offered by the company include the complete line of graphic options and custom printing shapes and sizes. They also allow you to choose from the various banking options including those in different colors such as blue, green, red, gold, cream, purple, white, silver, black, and many more. Moreover, the company prints on Eco-friendly material.

Tuff Craft Printing Company

The tuff craft printing company is dedicated to providing quality printing solutions for customers across the world. By offering custom tuck boxes and other packaging solutions to customers, they are able to earn a strong name in the printing industry. The packaging boxes offered are made from high-quality materials such as PVC vinyl, strong nylon, and heavy-duty polyester film. By offering customers free shipping and handling charges, they are able to maximize the profitability of every project they handle. In addition to offering packaging solutions, they also undertake graphic design and customization to help customers design their own packaging designs.

Eco-Friendly Kraft Paper Stock

The company is committed to using the most eco-friendly Kraft paper stock and soy-based inks. Apart from offering custom sizes and shapes, they also provide clients free samples of these paper stocks and inks. The company’s commitment to offering eco-friendly packaging solutions is made possible through the use of recycled paper stocks. These paper stocks are obtained from landfills when it is not possible to reuse them.

Customized Design

Most companies undertake customized design and printing to ensure that customers get the best products safely. For instance, the custom tuck boxes can have a front flap or inside flap depending upon the requirements of the customer. They are able to offer custom sizes and shapes according to the requirements of the customers, so as to ensure that customers get the best products safely.

Styles of Packaging

The company undertakes different styles of packaging to ensure that its products are visible and accessible to the public. For example, the custom printed tuck packaging can be placed on top of the counter in restaurants to promote its products. Moreover, they are also available in different styles such as the front flap packaging.

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is used by the company to manufacture custom tuck boxes. The Kraft products are suitable for brand presentation. Furthermore, different colors are used to ensure brand visibility. This enables the company to make customized imprints on the boxes, especially on the flap side. Other custom tuck packaging from the same brand can be ordered through kraft.

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