Deep learning is associated with machine learning. When you go for Deep Learning Training In Bangalore, you will be wondering what the latest trends and salary prospects are attached to that.

Deep learning job prospects and salary trends

The deep learning prospect in India and other parts of the world is high compared to other career fields regarding job opportunities. There will be at least 2.3 million jobs in artificial intelligence and machine learning by 2023. The salary of a machine learning engineer would be pretty high compared to the salaries offered to other job profiles. In India, the average salary is around 8,65,257.

Different trends and prospects of machine learning

Automotive industry

The automotive industry is one of the areas where deep learning is excellent, and it is changing the safe driving definition. Some major companies like Google, Mercedes Benz, Tesla, and others have invested in deep learning to develop promising innovations. The self-driving cars are built using machine learning and other sensors besides high-definition cameras.


Robotics is one field that is constantly gaining users’ interest. Researchers globally are working on creating robots with the minimum human brain. They are using neutral work computer vision and other technologies in the research. You might come across robots capable of performing different tasks similar to a human.


Experts offering Deep Learning Training In Chennai suggest that researchers globally are working on creating robots with the minimum human brain. They are using neutral network computer vision and technologies in the research.

Computer vision

Computer vision gives the vision to the machine. The progress we made from 26% of error back in 2011 to just 3% in 2016 was impactful. Giving the ability to a machine recognise and analyse video graphics images is the objective of computer vision. The progress in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning has made it possible to achieve the objective of computer vision quickly.

Skills you need to become the deep learning engineer.

  • You must understand the data structures. The data structure is the core of any software, which is recommended to have a good grasp of the data structure concept.
  • You cannot perform computation with great mathematical skills. You need knowledge of applying mathematical concepts in machine learning models. These concepts include linear algebra, statistics, and calculus, besides probability.
  • Deep learning models are built to integrate with the software, so you need a thorough knowledge of the software as an engineer.

Data mining and visualisation

It is essential to understand data because deep learning enthusiasts must experience data visualisation and mining.

You can make a bright career by choosing deep learning and mastering it while becoming a deep learning expert. Enrol for a course offered by experts who cover proper details of deep learning so that you can get acquainted with the concepts and make a career out of it seamlessly.