A house is just a structure built where people inhabit. What makes it a home is the love and affection that is spread throughout. Design your house on your own.

Here’s a guide to walk you through the simple steps to designing your home your way.

Plan A Budget

We all have unrealistic dreams to which the sky’s the limit, but it is necessary to stay realistic. Find your area and plan your allotment accordingly. With a rough estimation of all the costing, pace ahead to the sort of house you want to be built.

The look you prefer specifies the pricing consequently.

The factors that determine this budget are:

  • The furnishings
  • The tiles
  • The lightings
  • The railings
  • The assembling:

Arrange your wardrobes, garden, kitchens, washrooms, and elegant rooms.

Decide The Placement of Furniture

Where your furniture will be placed is an important aspect to recognize. It should not develop any inconveniences which will make you regret your judgments. To conclude this, you should know about the furnishings you will purchase and their sizes beforehand.

If you want partitions in your house, plan the structure therefore and order your glass partitions.

Windows And Their Glass Used

This origin of light says a lot about your home. An ideal house is believed to have enough natural rays making their way. Anyways, it’s everyone’s perception.

Your design shall be unique and yet intriguing.

You can design this based on how they open:

  • Casement Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Bow Windows
  • Slider Windows
  • Clerestory Windows

and the list goes on.

These windows shape the way your house looks.

Determine Your Fashion

Your fashion sense recites a lot about your personality. Layout your house the way you prefer it to look. Your style could match one of these:

  • Vintage:

To express your love for old culture and fashion, you can go with this kind. It gives a rich look.

  • Contemporary:

You could depict your love for being modern and have your hands on the latest models of furniture available.

  • Farmhouse:

If you wish to give your sweet little house a country look, this one’s for you.

  • Cottage

If you prefer a cozy dwelling and are a nature lover, this will be perfect for you.


This part cannot be done by you unless you are an architect yourself. Hire your architect and discuss these matters with them:

  • The time frame you want your job done in.
  • The room requirements you expect.
  • The style you want your house to go with.
  • The floor plans you want your house to display
  • The categories of glasses that you desire to embellish the look of your building.

Now present yourself with the sweet and cozy home you yearned for!