Infographic is a form of visual communication that helps to simplify information, has a pleasing visual effect, enjoys significant interaction by people, and is widely used in marketing and various communication sites, as it helps in converting complex information and data into visual images to communicate the main points in an easy and more effective way.

Infographics with graphics and diagrams explain operations and present all kinds of information. We used to see this long ago in newspapers, and infographics are ubiquitous nowadays. In social networks or on website content, they always grab attention and stand out.

Infographic uses people who have a lot of information and insights and want to communicate them to people simply and engagingly, by creating infographics.

The most common use is usually by marketers, news sites, and pages that provide medical advice on the Internet. Because the graphics are easy to share on social media and websites with just one click, and it becomes easier for the eye to translate the information and know its purpose faster.

Some studies indicate that about 90% of buyers prefer visual content rather than traditional written content.

Why don’t we use them in our practical work? Why don’t you use them to make a presentation and use them as support materials for your idea ?, The big problem with infographics is that it takes a little knowledge of graphic design to create it. It is true. However, with DesignCap Infographic Maker, this shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Look at DesignCap

DesignCap is a tool with powerful functionality to create free infographics in just a few clicks, and you can share it with your partners and readers online. DesignCap offers an easy-to-use interface for almost all users, even hobbyists, to create attractive infographics in a few minutes. It is based on a dashboard that combines drag-and-drop functionality, text editing, and quick code insertion to enrich your infographic and facilitate storytelling.

In addition to millions of free images, DesignCap offers millions of icons, hundreds of pre-made fonts, a wide range of shapes (arrows, circles, etc.), and dozens of chart types (map, column, circle, etc.). Menu units are divided into categories. Different, etc. Besides, the whole process and infographic design can be accomplished with a few mouse clicks. Choose a specific tool to get the result you want.

Once the infographic is created, it can be easily shared from the tool administration.

Create infographics with DesignCap

Open DesignCap and create an account. Then we can actually select a template from the many great free templates available.

Once we select the required graphic template, we go to the graphical editor to make some changes. Do not be panic. Here you don’t need to know Illustrator, Photoshop, or Corel Draw to use DesignCap. It’s as simple as selecting, editing, and dragging objects.

The key to using DesignCap is to visualize the graphics we want to create and determine the theme. Then choose the model that is most similar to what we think. Then, when entering the editor, you should always try to keep the original design guidelines so that our infographics still look professional after editing. The fewer styles we change, the better the fit. Replace the elements in the template while retaining the template style.

I will not do an in-depth analysis of the DesignCap editing tool because it is so easy to use and straightforward. You can add images, shapes, charts, icons, change the font style, and more.

DesignCap is free, but if you pay for a premium account, you have additional options. You can take a look at their pricing page for details: https://www.designcap.com/pricing.html.

What else can DesignCap do?

Besides professional infographics in DesignCap, it provides the ability to create presentations, reports, cards, Facebook covers, YouTube channel art, logos, YouTube thumbnails, Instagram posts, Tumblr logos, Twitter headers, Pinterest Graphics, etc. 

Whether you are a blogger or a social page administrator, whether you are a webmaster or a store owner, whether a teacher or a businessman, you can use DesignCap to produce professional graphics to meet your needs.


Infographic creation services on the Internet are widely used today. Data Visualization is currently the new business of online publishers. If you’re interested in creating high-quality, professional-level infographics that make a difference, you’ll definitely sign up for DesignCap, and you won’t need technical or design skills.

Creating an infographic isn’t as difficult as many people think, but it does need you to have an idea of the content you’ll present with your infographic. You can count on DesignCap Infographic Maker for the work you need.

Whether you are a designer or content owner and want to rely on infographics mainly or secondary, you can be creative with this type of content, as it is one of the most influential types of content in the web world.

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