Today we’re going to talk about a new service, DesignCap, to create an elegant and professional cover design for the YouTube channel.

YouTube coverage is known to be of great importance in attracting viewers to your channel. Some people think that creating a professional cover requires a lot of design experience.

But the fact is that there are many different websites to design a YouTube cover in a very professional way as if you created a professional YouTube cover in Photoshop.

Through this article, we will also learn how to design a cover for the YouTube channel on the famous Canva website, whatever type of cover you create for your time. You will find generous support on these sites.

You can create a variety of game covers, such as the YouTube cover, Pubg cover, etc., and we’ll also learn about the recommended YouTube cover size and how to change the YouTube cover via mobile.

How important is it to create an attractive professional cover for your YouTube channel?

Designing a professional cover for your YouTube channel plays an essential role in attracting many users to you. Many YouTube visitors do not tend to read material and prefer to view images that express the content you provide. And when the image is professional and expresses the content of the channel, visitors will be more attracted, so the professional cover gives an influential impression to the visitor that you are

presenting exclusive content.

Designing a cover for a YouTube channel is essential as it is the first contact a visitor has on your channel. A professional cover can convince viewers to subscribe to your channel. Thus, you will get permanent followers.

What is the recommended YouTube cover size?

After we learn together about the importance of creating a professional cover for YouTube, we should know the appropriate size for that cover. The appropriate cover size is 2560 x 1440 pixels.

If the cover is longer than this size, Youtube will automatically cut it to the recommended size.

A cover for a YouTube channel can be designed with 420 x 1546 pixels to guarantee a minimum-security space for texts and logos.

2560 x 1440 pixels Recommended YouTube size

2048 x 1152 pixels The minimum dimensions of the image

1546 x 423 pixels Minimal images for text and logos

2560 x 423 pixels The maximum image width

 6 MB Maximum file size

In addition, if you want to create a thumbnail for the videos, you should consider that its size is 1280 x 720 pixels, and its size must not exceed 2 MB.

Now let’s get to know the best sites you can trust for YouTube cover design.

Cover for YouTube channel with DesignCap Professional

DesignCap is one of the best sites for creating different designs, designing the YouTube cover, and creating brochures, posters for social sites, or infographics.

The site can be used for free and offers paid plans to allow for more options and additional tools. The sites have many essential features that make them compete with the best design sites for the YouTube channel. Among the most prominent features are:

Free ready templates

The site offers many ready-made templates that adapt to all YouTube covers, so whatever the type of content featured on your channel, you’ll find a suitable template for it.

In addition, the site does not place a watermark on the cover of your channel.

Perfect font library

The site also includes many different images and formats that can add a lot to your YouTube cover.

One of the website’s essential features is that it provides more than 100 different fonts that you can use to write on photos in an ideal way. In the paid plan, you can add and download any font to use in your designs.

Simple and powerful tools

One of the most prominent features of the site is supporting many different editing tools to edit the cover and produce it professionally. The website interface is also simple, and everyone can use it without the need for prior technical knowledge.

Create a cover for Facebook and Instagram

The benefits of the site are not limited to just a YouTube channel cover design ready for professionals. Still, through it, you can create covers for all social media platforms and design images for different occasions.

How to create a cover for your YouTube channel in DesignCap?

Now that we know the DesignCap website’s features. let’s learn how to create a cover for your YouTube channel through this website quite easily. You can create a professional cover via the website in a set of simple steps, and these are the steps:

In the beginning, you will have to register on the site by clicking on this link.

The way to register on the site is simple. You can register using Facebook, Google account or by email.

And after creating your account on the website, you must choose “Youtube Channel Art” to design a cover for the YouTube channel.

Then, you will find many ready-made models and choose the one suitable for your channel.

The next step is to make use of the site’s editing tools so that you can create your cover professionally. And after completing the surface in the way that suits your channel, you can save the cover on your computer and then upload it to your YouTube channel.

Explanation of some YouTube cover design tools in DesignCap


You can search for various icons or symbols or use ready-made shapes to decorate your designs. In addition, you can also upload your files, for example, your company logo.


As the website contains an integrated image search engine, you can find your designs’ free images.

Design Cap offers more than 1 million images stored online. You have to

choose the image and put the appropriate effects like gradient, brightness, contrast, etc.


The chart feature is a great addition to show data and add dynamic maps clearly to appear with a professional touch.

DesignCap allows you to add data in various formats such as XLS, CSV, and XLSX.


Text is a tool for adding different text formats, such as adding a citation format or decorative headlines. You can also modify and customize them to suit the cover design of your YouTube channel.

This is how you can design a professional and stylish cover for the YouTube channel in minutes, without the need to use complex Photoshop programs. And here we come to the end of our journey on professionally ready YouTube channel cover design sites, and I think you can now create a professional cover for your channel with ease.

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