DesignEvo is a tool to create a free logo easily and for any situation. To make logos on this tool, you could have no design experience and skills. As a good logo required to be versable on every promotion material, so the logo element should be vector. Therefore, all designing element in DesignEvo is a vector, they can resize at your will without losing quality. Also, you can download it for free, though with low-resolution. Here in this post, you will learn how to use it for your logo project.

Who might interested in using DesignEvo?

For designers, as it is developed for people who have no idea about designing, so some functions would be too simple and could not do with details. However, DesignEvo has a template stock with 10,000+ layout, and so they can find some inspiration from it.

It actually the ideal solution for generating section icons, header images, logos for small businesses. For bloggers wh looking for a visual identity, and startups that want a good result. Also, Youtubers would be interested in making a logo for their brand and applying it to their videos.

How to get your logo with DesignEvo?

Surely you would have needed a logo on occasion, for your website, brand, and have not known how to do it. DesignEvo is a freemium logo creation tool that will allow us to generate a logo design in an effortless way.

Before getting down to work, please look further at this post to check the editors in DesignEvo for you to fully control your logo project.

Creating a free logo involves adapting to the conditions they offer us, accepting them and taking advantage of all the possibilities we can find.

Overview of DesignEvo

Registration: As a matter of fact, to use this tool do not require to register. However, to export and save your logo, it would ask yours to signup.

Language:  It is localized to 7 languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Franch, Spanish and Portuguese. Thought your native language is not supported, it comes with an intuitive interface, so you can easily manage your works.

Design resources:

10,000+ wide range of template

Over 1 million icons and shape to add

100 + fonts to reset

Solid color and gradient color to change your logo background.


A color scheme to change your item color

Transparency control

Basic editor for fonts

resize the canvas

Grid activation

Editing tools:

Editors placed above the canvas.

Undo and Redo: It controls the changes that we are making.

Background: Change the background color, where we can choose a flat color or a gradient.

Layer: Places the elements  to forward or backward

Download: Provides a compressed file with various formats (JPG and PNG).

Preview: See the result of the work on several mockups to see the final effect.

Tools at the bottom

image showing size: From 32x32px to 2000x2000px, it can be modified at any time.

Display: Size of the canvas view, from 10% to 200%.

Grid: Activates or deactivates a grid to have a reference of the position of the objects.

Setting: you can set the language that you familiar.

Tools appeared when clicking the certain item

As you select objects when creating a logo, a bar with specific tools appears at the top.

For text:

Size: You can resize the logo font.

Color: It only provides solid colors to change.

Font style: Bold, italic, or all capital letters.

Options: Create a custom style by playing with opacity, contour, and a glow effect.

Format: Type of justification of the text (right, centered or left) and spacing between the letters. Also, you can set it to curve.

For icons and shape

Flip: You can flip it horizontally or vertically.

Effect: to change the item opacity.

Then, let’s get practice to make a logo with this tool.

To manage your logo project with DesignEvo is easy to use with 3 steps. After your land on its homepage, then you can click “Make a Free Logo.” Ok, after all arrange things are ready, then you can start your design. The first step is to find a template to customize. And then you can edit your logo at your will with changing icon, font. The third step is to export your project. But note that you should preview what your logo looks like in actually apply. Sound easy?


Above are the detailed explanation of the DesignEvo, so you might have got to know all its editors. And next is your chance to get your logo to the practice. Sounds very easy? DesignEvo comes to a user-friendly interface and robust editors, so you can quickly handle and start your logo project even you are a non-designer. This kind of logo maker, give us a high convenience, so the graphic works could be more straightforward.

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