Know About Blue Fawn French Bulldog

The blue French Bulldog is one of the rarest and is considered very beautiful among the French Bulldog’s coat colors. These dogs command attention anywhere in the world they go while have a lot of eyes that look their way because of their color.

The color of these dogs is a controversial, as the people have mixed opinions about them. However, reputable breeders know that their pedigree’s correctness determines this color’s correctness. The color of dog does not determine its health of the dog. It depends on how puppy was raised and how healthy the parents were at breeding to get the healthiest litter.

Blue coat color comes from the rare dilute gene responsible for the bluish-gray coloring of these lovely dogs. Unfortunately, this also affects the color of their eyes. This is why we see so many blue fawn French bulldog for sale with the blue eyes.

There are a lot of the rare sub-colors in the coat color of the French Bulldog:


  • black and white
  • pure black
  • sable
  • chocolate
  • purple
  • Isabella
  • merle
  • blue antelope

We will talk about the French Bulldog Blue Fawn, but before that, we will talk about the French Bulldog Fawn.

The Fawn French Bulldog is a color accepted by AKC and other kennel clubs, including fawn and pied. It is the color of the French Bulldog and has two colors: fawn blue and chocolate fawn. These two colors are scarce and are in great demand in Frenchie world but are not accepted by AKC or the most kennel clubs. They will be registered in clubs but not born in offers.

French blue bulldog antelope

This type of French Bulldog has darker-colored fur that stands out a lot. French blue bulldogs also carry double recessive genes taken by blue snails and blue tanks, except for the two genes they have for the color of the fawn. In the Blue Fawn French Bulldog, the Blue Fawn French Bulldog also carries a dark brown dominant gene over the Fawn gene.

The French Bulldog Blue Fawn has a lovely base shade masked with blue spots on the back and ears. You will not find shades the same, as each dog’s spots will vary in size and color. The Blue Fawn French Bulldog has recently become very popular among dog owners and lovers.

What’s the Price of Pug Puppies?

Companion Pug dogs can range in price from $1,000 to $3,000, and the average price is $1,200. If you are not a breeder looking to breed champion show dogs or do selective breeding, there is no need to bring home your expensive pug puppy. Mostly healthy pugs are available as companion dogs.

The Pugs, in particular, can have several significant health issues, and poor breeding practices can seriously jeopardize their health. Therefore, before searching for pug puppies for sale under $1000 near me, conduct thorough research on breeders.

If you choose to adopt the pug from the shelter, take time to prepare yourself for potential health concerns. Adoptions are excellent and necessary, but shelter pugs may not have health history records, and medical costs can accumulate quickly. Therefore, ensure you are prepared for additional charges that may come with adopting the pug before bringing one home.

3 Little-Known Facts About Pugs

These attractive-looking dogs also lead exciting lives. As the oldest dog breeds, they have earned many accolades over time as the man’s best friend. Here are some of the favorite facts about them.

Pugs are used to receiving royal treatment

Clays have been around since at least from 400 BC. You can trace first pugs to ancient China, where they made their way to become the lapdogs of Chinese royalty. Yes, these dogs had kings and queens as their heads!

Another royal dog, Pompey, thwarted the assassination attempt against the first Prince of the Orange in 1572. Because of Pompey’s brave efforts, the Pug became the official dog breed of the orange family.

Breeders bred Pugs intentionally for their wrinkles

The Chinese breeders put a lot of focus and attention on Pug’s wrinkles because the wrinkles have a similar shape to the Chinese character of “prince.” This feature suits Pugs, who sat in elaborate mansions among the royal families.

Pugs aren’t related to Bulldogs

Although they share wrinkles, buildup, and flat faces, pugs and bulldogs are unrelated. Instead, the Pug is closely related to the Pekingese breed, another breed that originated in China.

Temperament & Intelligence of the Pug

Pugs are dogs with prominent personalities packed into tiny bodies. They are very friendly, love human companionship, and are not afraid of the spotlight. They love receiving the praise and attention.

The Pugs can be a little stubborn, especially when it comes to potty training. However, these intelligent and observant dogs can become easier to train while strengthening their bond with their owners.