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The English language is known very well known as the international language. It is a great language that is used in many other countries of the world. It is most widely and extensively used in the field of Education, small and large Businesses, different fiction of Movies, and even in games or Sports. In this guide, we will tell you about different aspects of the English language as a great International and main Foreign language. Also, we will tell you that why it is important to learn the English language. The English language is one of the most main dominating languages of the whole world which is having a deep and extreme impact on every field of modern science and work. 

English is considered one of the most important and main languages in the whole world. There are about 105 different countries where the English language is spoken as a very first language. The English language is just like the West Germanic language that was very first spoken in early time. The English language is now considered a global lingua franca. 

English Language: 

Language is considered the most primary source of overall communication. Internet is a great method through which we can easily share our ideas and great thoughts in the English language with others people like There are many different languages in the whole world just like Urdu Chinese Hindi English and many other languages. Out of all charming languages, the importance of the English language is it is own. Next given below are the 10 main aspects why the English language is an Important language: 

1.English is very much spoken language in the world 

The English language is the most commonly spoken language of the whole world. It is a very easy and vast language. So the English language is very much important to learn. If you want to travel abroad or to work somewhere or study something worldwide then you have to know the English language because it is the very common language that the world speaks. In this regard, it is very important to learn the English language fast. 

2. English is a language of every international business 

The English language is a language of world small and large business. English is used in trade and in every aspect of the business we need the English language to survive. So basically the English language is now called a great business language. 

If you want to enter in the international business or also want to make any research work about your huge business, then you must have to know the English language. So in this aspect and regard, English is a very valuable language. 

3.  You can say one thing in hundred different ways: 

English has much flexibility. It has a wide range of large extensive vocabulary so you can feel ease it in the very much perfect way. English language flexibility has become this language’s most easy language. There are different words, synonyms, and spelling quiz for only one word so one word can be used in a hundred different ways impressively. So English is very flexible.  

4. Most movies are in the English language: 

The Hollywood industry is considered the main powerhouse of overall global entertainment, so very naturally, the English language would easily become the main language for making the movies. So if you want to enjoy different English movies and favorite series kind of stuff without been dubbing then you must have to know the English language very well. 

5. It is very easy to learn: 

Most people search that how to improve reading comprehension skills? Yes, the English language is very much easy to learn. It is not considered a very difficult or tough language. It has a very simple vocabulary and is so easy to learn. So if you learn the English language you will not feel any sort of difficulty in it.  Like other languages, it has no so cases no gender specification and others, so it is easy to learn and understand. 

6. English helps you understand other languages fast: 

English has a very long and fascinating history that charmingly spans wars, more invasions, and more influences from around the overall world globe. Different Cultures that have much helped in shaping the modern English language include the Romans, the Vikings, and the French. For this huge reason, it is a great hybrid language comprised of the language Latin, Germanic, and also Romance elements to some extent.

 7. English can be used around the whole world: 

English has many more uses and being Pakistani if you have to travel around the whole world you must know the most basics of English language because it is very well known as a great International language and you can easily use it in any country you want. So the English language will never leave you helpless or alone. 

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