Digital keyboard for beginners. How to choose your first keyboard.
With the beginning of the year, good intentions, promises and objectives return. If you have considered learning to play a new instrument this year, we will help you get started. This article will interest you.

When choosing a musical instrument to learn to play, it is important to think about the objectives of your new hobby, your budget and real needs. The first thing is to choose the type of instrument. Music is to enjoy. It is important that you decide what you really want to play, because that may be what ultimately makes the difference between a daily practice or your instrument collecting dust on any closet at home.

Value your budget:

If what you are looking for is to enjoy your free time with a new hobby to which you are not going to dedicate strict hours of study, but with which you want to fulfill yourself and have the best time, it is not necessary to buy a high-end instrument.

If your hobby progresses you can rethink, after a while, make a new investment perhaps in an instrument that allows you to experience other types of techniques and sounds. Our experience tells us that if you get passionate you will succumb to the tireless desire to improve your instrument, accessories, and even increase your collection.

If you want to learn to play the piano or keyboards, here is a selection that will help you make the right choice but, first of all, we recommend you read our article on domestic keyboards and digital pianos that will help you distinguish between them and know what kind of product is most suitable for you. Afterwards, you can come back here and see models according to what you orient your learning.

HOME KEYBOARD (home-keyboard):

There is a wide range of domestic digital keyboards (also called “accompaniment”) that due to their cheap price and performance, can be a good idea. You have countless different lengths and sizes to choose from.

Home digital keyboards include sounds, rhythmic patterns, and automatic accompaniment functions that allow beginners to easily tackle musical pieces without having to go through hours of rehearsal.

They usually have built-in speakers, and smaller models are typically battery powered. These types of domestic digital keyboards are very portable so you can take them comfortably to class or to your rehearsal room (there are compatible transport bags). Also, they often come with functions for learning basic skills.

If your desire is to buy a keyboard for a young child to advance towards piano practice, digital keyboards have a low enough cost so that if the hobby is maintained over time, another type of investment can be made in the medium / long term.

Digital keyboards for the little ones (4-6 years):

Casio SA47 digital keyboard for the first steps. If we notice that being so young they have ears (predisposition to sing and identify songs on the fly), it may be a good idea to put a digital keyboard in front of them to see what they are capable of doing.

With 100 sounds and 50 rhythms there is entertainment and fun for a while, and above all creativity and exploration of the musical world in a free and autonomous way, which encourages self-confidence and personal satisfaction.

Casio CTK-1550 Digital Keyboard


The Casio CTK-1550 digital keyboard is one of the most valued models by beginning keyboardists of any age. It is almost a compact stereo that you can enjoy anywhere.

The CTK-1550 offers ambitious beginners the perfect entry-level keyboard to the versatile world of music: 120 sounds accompany 70 diverse rhythmic patterns and 50 heartbreaking dance music patterns. The raised LCD screen takes care of orientation and the refined learning system allows the musician to become effectively familiar with the keyboard.

It stands out for its simplicity of use, its elegant and visually imposing design (deep black with the dashboard in gray, and ultra-thin).

Casio LK-280 Digital Keyboard:

Discover with this digital keyboard the magic of music from scratch to experimentation. The Casio LK-280 is ideal for beginners ages 7-8 and up. Its key lighting system is the best learning aid.

61 sensitive keys, with USB connection, 48 notes polyphony, 600 sounds, 180 rhythms, 15 effects, mic and audio input for playback of external devices, lesson system and more.

NOTE: The LK-280 does not have touch sensitive keys.

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