Curtains add the finishing touch to a room. They are decorative and functional. Curtains can add flair to the overall interior. Also, they frame the height of a room. Further, curtains regulate the sunlight that enters the space along with dust and raindrops. They also prevent people from seeing from the outside.

DIY will be great if you want a more personalized touch on your drapes. It might also save you some cash!

We want a DIY project to be painless and affordable. Thankfully, there are a bunch of quick and easy DIY ideas for home decorating. Today, we are listing down them down to give you some inspiration. You wouldn’t need expert hands to complete these projects at home.

Save time and money with these curtain ideas that will enhance your home décor.

1. Washable Striped Curtains

You will only need three things for this awesome project: a cheap white panel, a paint roller, and fabric paint. The outcome will be a washable, striped, statement curtains. This project is inexpensive and nearly effortless. Plus, the choice of colors is yours. You can pick your fave, the one that will boost your mood every day.

2. No-Sew Curtains

You don’t sew? Fret not, because fusible hem tape has got your back. Custom window treatments are typically pricey. However, they’re the only ones that would fit a large unique window at home. You can create your custom curtain.

You will need to measure your desired length for the curtain, make necessary folds on the hem, and then press the tape and fabric together.

Remember to buy a hem tape that suits your preferences. Iron-on tapes vary in width. Also, some of them are permanent while some are not.

Further, the packaging indicates whether the tape is suitable for a light or a heavy fabric. It also includes instructions for tape use. For instance, it suggests the temperature setting you’ll need when ironing.

3. Stenciled Drapes

For this DIY project, a stencil is your best friend. If you’re a perfectionist and you fear that you’ll mess up, remember that curtains are gathered. Therefore, any flaw will stay hidden or appear less noticeable. This is the advantage when you use a stencil on drapes instead of the walls.

Stenciled curtains make an eye-catching home decoration. It will be worth the try.

You would want to tape the curtain panels to the working area. Use painters’ tape to pin down the stencil as well. Apply the paint by using the roller. Finally, use baby wipes to clean the stencils after use.

4. Pom Pom Curtains

Spice up your plain curtains by this simple DIY hack. If you are not a sewer, you can use an iron-on tape to attach the pom-pom trim to your curtains.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop sells stylish upholstery and furnishing fabrics. The curtain shop also offers treatments to make your drapes flame retardant.

5. No Sew Tea Towel Curtains

Most tea towels are long-lasting and easy to wash. Plus, they have a pretty pattern that can very well embellish a space.

You can use your cute tea towels as curtains. It’s quick and easy: fasten hooks to the towels and hang them.

6. Easy Sew Curtains

Do you lack sewing skills? No problem. You can transform your favorite fabric with minimal sewing skills. Sewing in a straight line will be enough for hems and side seams. With a few measuring, cutting, and sewing, your project is done.

7. Hidden Tab Curtains

Back tabs look great because they pleat nice. Also, they look neat because you can’t see any clips on the outside. Hidden tabs are perfect if you want the ceiling to floor curtains. It will make an illusion that the room is larger.

You can make a top hem with a small fold first, say one inch. After this, you can make a bigger hem (around 3 ½ inches). The bigger hem will give your drape a heavy portion to hold the heavy tabs. Do the bottom and side hems. For the tabs, you can use a ribbon or any fabric you have.

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