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If you want to protect your luxury furniture, then you should make a schedule. It would help if you prevented it from heat, dust, and liquids. Is the luxury hotel up to your standards? Does it seem generous with its beauty? So what makes it beautiful? The answer is the best luxury european furniture for the hotel industry. An almost 4 to 5-star hotel that loves the choice of furniture. Since wood is not solid and gives furniture a modern beauty, it is also a natural material.

However, to maintain the natural beauty of luxury furniture, we must keep and care for it almost perfectly. For this reason, here are some ways we recommend you apply to protect and extend the life of the furniture in the hospitality industry.

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1.   Don’t abuse the furniture:

Always use coasters when placing glass or cups on luxury tables to minimize streaks and heat damage, and never put hot food directly on them without a plate or potholder. To protect the dining room table from food and drink spillage, use colorful placemats or a tablecloth.

2.   Avoid environmental damage:

Exposure to sunlight and heat can damage the wood in your home. Light and heat can harm and discolor precious furniture if placed in front of windows, vents, or open fires.

3.   Dust often:

Airborne particles can scrape the surface of the wood by forming a film layer. This buildup can be avoided by dusting regularly. To prevent damage, always use a soft fabric such as cotton t-shirts, washable diapers, or microfiber. Dusters are ideal for ornate carvings or difficult-to-reach areas since they gather and keep dust effectively.

4.   Keep your wood clean:

When dusting isn’t enough, it’s time to clean your luxury furniture. All-purpose cleaners are not recommended because they can harm the finish. If you have a particularly nasty or sticky stain, soak a cloth in water with a bar of mild dish soap.

Squeeze out as much as you can and thoroughly clean the area. After rinsing with a moist towel containing only water, remove with a gently dry cloth right away.

5.   Protect your wood:

When you use too much product, it can build up and react with filth, leaving a sticky, dull film. To avoid this buildup, always polish thoroughly after using the products, and never use these products with wax protection since the combination will result in a sticky mess.

6.   Treat wear:

Luxury italian furniture can be harmed even when handled with extreme caution. For minor scratches and scuffs, Old English Scratch Cover is recommended. This liquid polish conceals abrasions and restores wood’s natural beauty.

If the damage is too extensive to be repaired with touch-up paints or sticks, and you aren’t ready to part with your prized possession just yet, you may need to take more radical measures.

Damaged furniture can be repainted to give it new life and many more years of beauty. The painting also saves time because it eliminates the need for sanding, something you won’t accomplish if you use a new stain.

7.   Oil the dry wood again:

It may be necessary to re-lubricate the furniture if stored, and it is drying out too much. Clean it first with Oil Soap or another suitable cleanser, then prepare the surface with steel wool, always working with grit.

  Apply a generous amount of furniture oil to the wood and allow it to soak in for around 15 minutes. Allow the furniture to settle for at least 24 hours before proceeding with the protective coating.

8.   Keep the smell of wood fresh:

Older coins, especially those held for an extended period, might develop an unpleasant odor. On a hot, dry day, you may also leave the room outside in a shaded place to get rid of odors and make your furniture look new.

9.   Remove stubborn stains:

  • Apply a paste of white toothpaste and baking soda on damp glasses to remove white rings. It should be rubbed on the stain until it is gone. Then, using a dry cloth, clean the furniture.
  • Try gently blotting a brown stain produced by water damage with a towel dampened with vinegar.
  • Allow a few minutes to dry before rubbing with a damp cloth and buffing with a dry cloth.

Taking care of your wood furniture is not difficult nor time-consuming, and the result will be a home full of lovely wood furniture that looks and feels as good as the day you got it, both now and in the future.

Conclusion:Each piece of furniture is created to offer exceptional performance with minimal maintenance. Paying attention to a few key points will help you protect your investment. Every six months or so, there may be a need or desire for more thorough cleaning of the luxury furniture. Occasional polishing with high-quality silicone-free furniture polish will enhance the beauty of the Bernhardt fine finish. Avoid using oily paints or waxes.

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