Barcodes are now extremely widely used; they can be found in administration, industry or logistics, among others. Barcode technology can facilitate the processing of tax or health data as well as manufacturing processes or parts tracking.

The rapid pace of technological modernization coming with the digital revolution has required a rethinking of previously traditional business models. Information and communication technology has encouraged economic actors to put in place new, more efficient identification procedures. With the spread of the Internet and the new commercial practices that have emerged in its wake, developments that support better transparency of products and workflows, such as the use of barcodes, have become common and indispensable.

Barcodes have become a universal method of tracking products in inventory and sales. They do not exist to replace serial numbers in identifying a single item, but are used to facilitate the sorting of products by manufacturer, type, size, style and price. A practical example of applying this system is the case of soft drink bottles. There are serial numbers used to identify a single bottle, but it is essential that the box can quickly scan the product’s barcode and receive information about the manufacturer, type, style and price of the item. Use the following tips to learn how to buy your own barcode.

Where to find the Best Barcode?

First, determine if a unique barcode is required. If used exclusively for internal monitoring, such as the production process or inventory, the manufacturer can define its own barcodes. However, it is required by international standards that these barcodes never leave the factory premises or go on sale.

Contact Quickbarcode, an organization that coordinates standards for the use of barcodes. Simply visit the website and navigate to the “Contact” area at the top of the page. Alternatively, you also can buy UPC barcode from reputable distributors, who sell them for a flat fee, once, without having to pay for registration fees.

If the size or location of the stroke code is incorrect, the scanner beam will not be able to cross all strokes while reading. Also, the dashed code cannot be read if the packet shows a faulty control discharge. Therefore, special attention should be paid to both the height of the stroke and the correctness of the calculation of the regulatory discharge.

Barcode Scanning process

You need to buy the barcodes from the best barcode provider. In practice, the quality of the stroke code, simple rule is checked: the quality printed barcode symbol must be read with a stationary scanner consisting of the first attempt.

To facilitate the reading of barcodes consisting of scanners, different methods of laser beam are used, while the scanner field is not a single but multiple scanning beams. The UPC EAN barcode symbol appears as a light rectangle with the inside. When creating the package, you must specify the “window” of the appropriate size. Don’t chase aesthetics and artificially reduce the size of the barcode. It is better to have an EAN code on another interface, separate from the main label, but not different from the standard sizes.

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