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A document management system combines people, processes, and technology that helps organizations manage a document across its entire lifecycle. It allows organizations to store, retrieve, and organize their documents.

With more and more organizations using document management solutions for their operations, there has been a rise in the number of service providers in the market who offer their versions of the product with varying features. With so much choice on offer, what should one expect from their system?

This blog will shed light on six things you should expect from document management systems when you employ them at your organization.

6 Things to Expect from a Document Management System

1. Easy Accessibility

A modern work environment provides access to essential information in several ways. Whether it’s from a mobile device or a desktop computer in the office, you should be able to access the documents you need at any time.

A system that limits you and allows you to access and upload documents only when you are logged in from a certain device or network isn’t really practical in today’s world. It does not reflect the working practices of businesses today. Hence, it would help if you look for a document management system like Smooth Solutions that allows access to your employees anywhere, anytime, and via any device.

Document management solutions that are not limited to a single business process but work as an add-on for every process are the real deal. You cannot expect everyone in your organization to use a system that’s not intuitive because not everyone is proficient with computers or skilled in using such applications. Hence, the system you use must be intuitive and easy to use. In simple words, it should just be an extension of your employees’ physical workstation where they can perform their daily tasks.

2. Open Integration

A standalone system that does not integrate with the other essential business tools such as email and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems will create more work for your employees and lower their productivity.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your selected system can integrate with other software and automate the workflow with other tools that your employees use to conduct day-to-day operations. For example, a document scanning solution should be able to save all your relevant emails into a client’s folder automatically so all employees on the client’s team can view the communications at any time.

3. Instant Search and Retrieval

Many business owners are fed up with continually searching for documents and keeping their complex paper filing systems organized. If that’s a challenge for your company, you should consider working with a document scanning company that offers systems with a comprehensive search facility such as Smooth Solutions. Smooth Solutions can search for what you need, even if you only know fragments of the document name or a keyword such as a client’s name or address mentioned in the document. You should also expect thumbnail icons of retrievable documents that provide a quick visual to help you locate the exact document you need.

4. Optimal Security

Yes, easy accessibility, open integration, and instant search are all very important, but these features must not come at the cost of security. Your primary goal should be to protect your company’s and your client’s data.

To ensure that you are effectively protecting all essential information, you need to ensure that all data is tightly encrypted in your management system as it passes from employee to employee and is transferred between teams.

5. Audit Trail and Traceability

Documents management systems can really come in handy if you wish to make your business processes more efficient. For instance, if you have to send documents to a client for an acknowledgment before sending them to anyone else in your company, you need to keep an audit trail of where the documents are. A good document management solution will automate this entire process for you.

For traceability and audit purposes, we recommend choosing systems with intelligent portal technology. Such a system will be available to invited parties only, offer secure site access and allow you to share documents for approval and e-signatures on the go.

6. Retention and Automation

One of the biggest advantages of employing document scanning solutions is the automation aspect that comes with them. Most organizations get rid of obsolete documents, either deleting them or archiving them manually.

However, a document scanning solution can allow you to set retention and deletion schedules. These schedules can automate the life cycle of your documents, and you will no longer have to worry yourself with deleting old documents manually as the system will do it for you.

Final Words

To truly benefit from digitizing the way your business stores, accesses, secures, and uploads documents, you need an optimal solution that comes with features that will make day-to-day operations easy for you. We hope this blog showed you what you should expect from document management systems. Look for these tools, functions, and automation when purchasing a system, and they will help you save a lot of time, money, and effort.

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