A dog gate or barrier is particularly suitable for puppies and small dogs. It prevents your dog from going into forbidden spaces or going to the stairs. This way, your dog is well protected.

The gate also makes sense if you don’t have the opportunity to constantly supervise your dog. Or if you go are and your dog can not take away. There are objects in your home that you want to protect from your dog. Just like there are objects that could hurt your dog. With a dog barrier, these problems are a thing of the past. 

In the past, it was common for us to keep our dogs outside. Nowadays we live under one roof with our lovely dogs. This is not in itself a problem; however, a dog is not a human. He cannot judge what is safe and dangerous for him. In addition, he cannot consciously decide what he can and cannot do. This is especially the case with valuable objects.

You certainly don’t stay in your apartment all day. This means that you have no way of supervising your dog all the time. The same applies if you leave your apartment at short notice. But so that you still have a safe feeling when you are away, you should not do without a dog barrier.

A good dog barrier should be able to be set up quickly. Fit easily in a wide variety of places and, above all, be stable and non-slip. You can find out everything you need to consider with a dog guard in the following 3 points:

1. Show your dog the limits

A dog guard is a practical tool. Show your dog where the limits are. So he learns his forbidden zones better. A dog gate will keep your dog from stepping into a specific room, such as the kitchen or nursery. 

It is also a wise investment for stairs and serves the same purpose as a safety gate, which is used for children. Basically, stairs can be dangerous for puppies and small dogs. If you fall down the stairs, you can be seriously injured. 

In addition, the grille can block access to the garden so that your dog doesn’t run away. Some homeowners keep their garden door open during the day so that fresh air can come in.

After all, a grid is good for your dog’s learning process. In this way, he learns that there are zones at home that are not intended for him. After a while, you won’t have to use the grille at all.

2. Accuracy of fit

Dog gates are similar to the models that are used for children. Before you buy a dog gate, you need to check the conditions in your house or apartment. Think about where you want to use the dog barrier. Then measure the dimensions that the grid must meet. In addition, such a design should be adjustable in width. You can assemble a grid for clamping very quickly and then pull it apart again.

It is crucial that you look at the distance between the bars when buying, because it is very easy for small dogs to slip through too great a distance.

Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of a dog barrier:


  • Is very safe for small dogs and puppies
  • Also suitable for larger dogs
  • Dog can be protected from sources of danger in the house or apartment
  • Grid helps dog in the learning process to understand which areas are forbidden
  • Usually non-slip and stable
  • Can be adjusted in size so that it can be attached to a wide variety of locations
  • Inexpensive to buy


  • Many dog ​​barriers are not suitable for larger dogs because they can be knocked over easily

3. Dog barrier for use in the car

Dog barriers for cars have different requirements than bars that are intended for living spaces. 

In a car, the grille has to fit properly. Otherwise, it can be dangerous for your dog as well as for the occupants. You can find grilles for the car at a dog accessories store.  These versions are designed so that you can adjust their size. It doesn’t even require a lot of effort or tools. 

You also have the option of having the dog guard made to measure. There are now a large number of companies that specialize in the sale of car dog guards. In this case, you can choose details such as material, mounting options, and color yourself. The grille is then made by the manufacturer according to your wishes and installed in your car. 

Many car brands now offer custom-fit dog barriers for the corresponding models.

The advantage

The advantage of a dog guard in the car is that your dog has plenty of room to move around in the trunk. He can make himself comfortable. 

If your dog does not come along, the cargo in the trunk is well-secured thanks to the grille. You don’t have to remove it in this case.

Furthermore, as a driver with a dog guard, you have a good view in the car. Your dog also gets enough fresh air. 

In addition to metal grilles, there are nets. However, these designs do not protect dogs and occupants as well. In addition, nets can easily tear when subjected to heavy loads.

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