Donate car tax deductionDonate car tax deduction


In order to be able to sell or rent cars at low prices in order to give mobility to people who are far from it, solidarity garages need to find used ones. They sometimes buy them, but they also receive donations through their Regional Mobility Access Platform (PRAM). The donor receives a certificate and can benefit from a tax deduction of 66% of the donation. In 2018, the Nitro solidarity garage collected and sold some forty vehicles. “But we are lacking, there is a strong demand” . Notice therefore to individuals or businesses.

Do you want to part with your car when it is in good condition? What if it allowed someone to restart?
You can donate your vehicle to the PRAM association. After revision, it will be offered to people in precarious situations, guided by social workers. 

Why become a donor?


You are participating in a social utility project which contributes to the integration of people in your region in precarious situations.


You do not have to do anything: we take care of the vehicle, the passage to technical control and administrative formalities.


The vehicles sold are serviced by professionals from our network of partner garages . They are intended only for people with modest incomes , guided by social workers . Car dealers also donate car which are received from different donations. any one can contact them and can get a car donated from a dealership


PRAM is recognized as of General Interest. As such, it is empowered to issue tax receipts. Your donation is eligible for tax reduction.

How to become a donor? Donate your car in 4 steps

  1. To find out if your car may interest us, you can contact us by phone or email. This first exchange will allow us to obtain technical details on your vehicle (mileage, year of entry into service, general condition)
  2. If this corresponds to our research, a mechanic from our network of solidarity garages will carry out its technical evaluation. It will also estimate the value of your vehicle. 
  3. To finalize the donation, we jointly sign a declaration of purchase of the vehicle. This document is used to report the donation to the prefecture and to your insurance.
  4. Once the donation has been made, after handing over the keys and the car registration card, we will send you a tax receipt. This mentions the estimated value of your car. You can report this amount on your next tax return. You will then benefit from a tax deduction of 66% of the value of your donation within the limit of 20% of your taxable income.
    After overhaul, your car will start its second life. It will allow someone to go to work, to travel in rural or Semi-urban areas, to travel with family.

Thanks to your donation, benefit from 66% of the value of your vehicle in tax credit

The PRAM association is recognized in the general interest. As such, it is empowered to issue donation receipts. This document allows the donor to benefit from a tax deduction of 66% of the value of the donation, up to a limit of 20% of his taxable income.

If you donate your car estimated at $ 1,000, you will benefit from a tax deduction of $ 660.

The types of vehicles sought

PRAM is aimed at people in fragile economic situations. To meet their needs, the vehicles we collect are sold at low prices.
We are mainly looking for:

  • vehicles in good general condition,
  • requiring limited repair costs,
  • We are also attentive to the state of the bodywork.

All donation proposals are carefully studied. However, our research primarily concerns vehicles aged less than 20 years with a mileage not exceeding: 

  • For Diesel vehicles: 300,000 km. 
  • For petrol vehicles: 250,000 km. 

Indeed, beyond that, we consider that the general wear and tear of the vehicle is too advanced. This would put beneficiaries at risk, who would have to bear short-term maintenance and repair costs.
In order to limit the cost of issuing the registration card and insurance, we collect cars with a fiscal power of less than 8 horsepower. 

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