There’s a good chance you’ve heard the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” a few times in your life. It’s a clever way of reminding people, including yourself, not to jump to conclusions based solely on appearances. It applies to many things in life, including buildings!

The most beautiful metal storage building in the country could fall short simply because its doors and hallway systems are subpar. These systems are integral to the functionality, safety, and usability of a building, and should be one of the key elements of design, not an afterthought!

When selecting doors, you must consider a few factors. Will the doors be located inside or outside, how large do they need to be, and how durable and weather resistant should they be?

Once you have determined what your doors need to achieve, you can narrow your selection to fit your building. Roll-up doors are available in several varieties, including light- and heavy-duty. Your selection will determine the strength and load rating of the door. They are available in sizes from 10’ by 10’ to 20’ by 16’.

Swing and locker doors are also available, though they are limited to interior use only. These metal doors are ideal for complementing roll-up doors, enduring heavy use, and keeping things as secure as possible.

Your doors are only as good as the hallway system you implement into your storage building. Opting for a Corawall system is a surefire way to impress from a visual standpoint thanks to the concealed nature of all fasteners (save for the channel at the top). Securawall systems are exactly as they sound—focused on providing the most secure hallways possible. Don’t worry, though, this system is still aesthetically pleasing and can even save you a bit of money.

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