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Eddy Nini is a multi-talented individual as often described by his parent. Besides his singing and dancing career, he has a strong passion for entrepreneurship which drove him to start selling t-shirts at a very young age of just 16 years.

Due to his determination and hard work, he started his own brand “Raw style” at the age of just 18, and is now a successful business owner who sells products online on different platforms.

He was introduced to the magical world of singing and entrepreneurship by his burning desire for success and has been working towards his dream of becoming a top figure ever since.

He has amassed over 14,000 followers on Instagram and is making a huge name for himself in the music industry! If you haven’t heard of him yet you need to go follow him and check out his music. This music artist has a high drive for success and nobody is going to stop him.

He has an amazing white teeth smile that is irresistible! With good looks, charm, amazing vocals, and much more we’re confident in saying that he’s going to be the next big star.

His mother is his biggest motivation and he would do anything for her, this guy puts family above everything else and still remains dedicated to making good things happen for himself and the people around him. Make sure you follow him across all of his social media platforms below to keep up to date with him. We strongly encourage you to do so. That way you don’t ever miss out on any important updates from him or the ones around him!





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