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Skills, talent and creativity are required when doing real-estate photography. Producing excellent and impressive photos make it to the listings. In addition to that, one should be good in real-estate photography editing.

This article will discuss tried-and-tested techniques used in editing which in turn can also be useful and helpful to aspiring photographers. Take as many photos and be creative with these methods.

Color Correcting

When editing, clean the photo by adjusting the white balance. This can be done by selecting the white (post-process) and selecting an actual white objects in the photo and adjust as needed. Once this is done, complement the color level through altering the Hue, Saturation and Lightness according to the likeness. The changes will make the property noticeable. This is not similar to the level of exposure.

Change the exposure and contrast where if there are some areas of the photos that needed to be lightened or darkened. This will highlight details in the photo. It is also more helpful to have images with different light settings to choose from.

Once done, the photo may catch a potential buyer’s interest.

The Flamboyant Editing and Twilight Photography

The known technique for editing the property images is flamboyant editing. Normally referred to as bracket exposure. This is done by taking a normal photo with normal light settings, then another photo with overexposed settings and the other one with underexposed settings. These are combined and blended together by using a white point as a reference. This creates photos that are melodramatic yet genuine.

Another known method for real estate photography editing is twilight photography. This method is used when taking photos of property exteriors during dusk or dawn. This creates a diffused lighting often called twilight environments. This is very helpful when emphasizing interest in the outdoor appeal. There are properties with unique features to showcase such as a scenic view of the entire landscape, a pool with excellent lighting illumination, outdoor classy fire pits among others.

Twilight settings encourages clients to envisage the feeling of living in the property. This also builds the client’s interest of what the property looks on the inside. This gives them a wider perspective in appreciating and eventually purchasing the property. The only challenges in capturing twilight photos are the weather, the time and sometimes the property’s direction (toward the sun).

Object Removal and Photo Manipulation

With the technology we have today, these techniques make it easier to edit photos. However, with these possibilities if left unchecked may leave to misuse. The use of photo manipulation is applicable if this will enhance the property.

Likewise, the method of object removal wherein objects that are treated as distractions are removed from the photos. These are again very inspiring to use, especially with the help of a little creativity. But in real estate, clients appreciate authenticity. The photos after being edited will definitely look good, but when they visit the property and sees that most were enhanced in the photos, that will be the game changer. It is very important not to overdo the editing. What we are aiming for is a photo that will sell and not where the clients will bail.

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