Divorces can be one of the most difficult phases that drastically changes the lives of couples and their family relationship. Most couples going through a divorce in Alabama have very little experience with the divorce laws and process. They make mistakes due to which they have to suffer for a lifetime.  

This is why it is important to get reliable detail from a trusted Alabama uncontested divorce lawyer before you delve yourself into the process. The legal divorce experts from Harris Law Firm in Birmingham will help you to avoid making mistakes while going through a divorce. They have offices in almost every county in Alabama.

Let us take a closer look at the mistakes that you need to avoid if you are going through a divorce.

Not educating yourself enough

As soon as you see that divorce is imminent, educate yourself about the basic divorce laws and the process in Alabama. If you fail to do so then you might make mistakes that would negatively impact your issues like child custody and visitation rights, alimony, or property division. Therefore, research well before time.

Not planning and getting your finances in order

You might want to wait till the other spouse already serves you the divorce notice and once you are served, it is too late to plan for the filing. 

Failing to plan gives your spouse to turn the case in their favor, be it financially or custodial rights. Therefore, start planning once you get to understand that divorce is the only choice left. Make sure to keep copies of financial records, bank statements, accounts, assets, wills, and other important documents. 

Don’t assume your divorce will be uncontested

No matter how amicable your separation is, keep in mind that you and your spouse might not agree on every issue. The Alabama court has to intervene here and the case turns into contested. 

Ensure that you understand what your spouse agrees on and then hire an attorney accordingly. 

 Not filing first

The spouse who first files the divorce is the plaintiff and gets certain advantages in Alabama. The other spouse becomes the defendant. The plaintiff gets the opportunity of 

  • Being on the offensive side and setting the tone of the divorce
  • Moving first on everything
  • Ask for temporary custody and support

If you know that divorce is on the cards, come out of your denial mode and start planning sooner. Prepare yourself with the help of a good Alabama divorce lawyer.

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