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Keeping your commercial property safe and secure is of primary importance. There are millions of worth assets, inventories, and employees inside that you must pay strong attention to. But, have you wondered what can deter criminal break-ins and insider threats effectively? This article will discuss eight crucial tips that can help every office, retail store, and other commercial space free from any maliciousness. So, keep reading.

  1. Establish Strict Access Controls

This has to be one of the essential tips to ensure your property‚Äôs security in the first place. Deciding who gets access to what part of the property helps manage your business’s physical and logical security. For any exceptions, you must have a protocol and robust ways to trace.

  • Lock and Organize Confidential Items

If you are leaving your commercial premise even for a few minutes, make sure you lock it and safeguard important papers and other stuff from the reach of outsiders. Even if you have a dedicated staff to look after your property, put the documents and files locked away in a safe drawer.

  • Install CCTV Cameras

 A CCTV system in and around your commercial property or office works as a security guard on duty 24×7. You can be away without any stress and keep a remote watch over your workplace and any suspicious activities. There are abundant options available, with the latest models providing clear nighttime visibility.

  • Provide Identity Badges

Having your employees wearing identity badges or cards with their names boldly written over is a great security measure. That way, you know who enters and exits your facility and can successfully control unnecessary movements. Even if there is a guest, wearing the badge must be compulsory.

  • Conduct Background Checks

The previous work history of your new hires, their relations with employers and colleagues, criminal involvements – all can play a significant role. So, regardless of their positions, you must screen them thoroughly. Use their resumes, social media accounts, references, and more to dig deeper. Beware of their personal issues that can spill over into the workplace and ignite other complications.

  • Maintain Your Landscape

A well-manicured landscape surrounding your commercial property discourages vandalism, loitering, and more. With spaced-out tree coverage, you attain enough privacy and deter crime rates. The illuminated gardens keep away the evil minds as they fear being seen and reported to the police.

  • Arrange Regular Training Sessions

It is not only you but everyone else who should also take the responsibility to secure the building. Your security measures can fail drastically if your employees and staff do not comply with what you plan. So, train your staff to handle cash safely, lock the documents properly, close and open door locks attentively, and report mischief immediately.

  • Hire Security Guard Services

A competent security guard is equipped with the knowledge and training to safeguard your expensive investment like commercial property. Their mere presence acts as a natural deterrent to warn of the potential criminals and delinquents. They can seem to be an extra expense at first, but considering the way they secure your building and offer peace is worth each penny.