Electric capstan winch



A winch is a device intended to drag or carry loads with the help of a cable that is twisted around a horizontal cylinder which is known as a “drum”, or a chain that revolves around a drive usually known as a nut” Winches are of different types that can be manual, electric, gas-powered, hydraulic or may have a combustion engine. Winches are intended to design for carrying a load vertically and must obey firmer standards than the winches intended for dragging operations (pulling a load horizontally). The electric capstan winch is used to pull heavy loads efficiently and smoothly and can be used with a huge-Performance Low wire or unlimited rope length is applicable.

Widely used areas:

Winches are used for lifting and grip tools found in industrial areas for example metalworking and production for carrying and moving heavy loads, in the oceanic industry for lifting ships, in the motorized area for towing vehicles on trailers, and many more.

Most winches are fortified with a motor, but some are manual, especially designed when planned to work for occasional use or use in such an environment where is difficult to get the electricity network.

There are different important ways of powering a winch that including electric motors, combustion engines, hydraulic drive, and manual drive. The electric capstan winch can be divided into two categories: connected motors and other is battery powered motors, for example, connected with a car or a truck. Electric capstan winches are designed for intermittent use because they become very hot. It is suggested to use a winch fitted out with a thermal fuse to prevent destruction in case the load is too weighty or if it is used too much. it is also recommended to select an electric capstan winch having a higher capacity than you required to reduce the chances of overheating.

Robust design – Our potent Motor makes use of Steel based gears that can work consistently throughout the day & all round year as well as throughout the season, whereas the engine needs zero maintenance. These electric Capstan Winch can be workable under -30 degrees Celsius temperatures without upsetting its self-sufficiency or performance.

Outstanding productivity

It possesses fast charge times and flexible weather practicability, has huge load power outputs, long cycle & shelf lifeCorrect operation is very essential. 

Careful utilization

Every time before and after you have used the winch, take a detailed check for the winch. This can help you to find faults earlier and avoid any bad incidents. Every operator should drive the winch as per operation doctrines firmly. This is the most basic requirement for the operator, as an example, a complete focus on the operation, don’t overload. In case of any abnormal condition, stop doing operations and ask for assistance from professional workers. If the winch is still working in abnormal situations, the winch may be damaged.

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