Electronic enclosures



Electronic enclosures are cabinets or racks designed to house electrical/electronic equipment. But They protect the equipment from damage caused by environmental conditions or compounds and users from electrical shock caused by direct contact. Also depending on the application in which they are employed, they can be made from a variety of materials. Moreover, One of the most commonly used materials is aluminum. 


You can choose different types according to your own requirement, and different side panels have different features.
Striped: Average heat dissipation, but customers like this stripe
Toothed: Good heat dissipation performance, but the side panels tend to accumulate dust.
Flat Shape: It is liked by most customers, it is not easy to accumulate dust, and the side can be used for cooling holes, but the other two styles cannot.

Side Panel

The inside of the chassis has a unique design, connecting the front, rear, left and right plates through L-shaped links part.
The upper and lower panels are covered and then fixed with screws
Moreover, Fixing the position of each face with internal connections allows only four screws on one face.

L plate

One of the concerns of many customers is the custom design of the front panel, the accuracy of the cutout and silk screen to the server equipment to work properly. Also, For the front panel, we can provide precise silk screen and hole content for custom design. It will be accurately produced according to the drawings, with a tolerance of ±0.05mm. Absolutely works fine.

Custom Front Panel


Foshan Nanhai Yonggu Hardware Products Co., Ltd was established in 2004,till now with the 18 years of history. Yongu is a service-oriented intelligent manufacturer focusing on the aluminum housing, which located in Foshan China, the center of Aluminum city. We have integrated R&D,production, sale and service etc. and committed to industry design with structure, high advanced appearance, production feasibility, production unit cost, function etc. Although Yongu enclosure are made of metal or aluminum,all the item was R&D by our team members,who devote big efforts in order to make every item with their thoughts and soul.Our mission is that committed to providing first-class housing solutions for global electronic equipment.Innovative and intelligent technology company for the enclosure, can make design and personalized customization.

Our product support is available in different countries, with engineers and designers specializing in custom electronic enclosures to make your ideas come true. outdoor projects etc.Marketing cover Europe and USA,Korea,Australia etc, end user including Instrumentation,Railtelecommunicationand is committed to providing the best customer service for client worldwide

 Aluminum Enclosures

 An Aluminum enclosures are used for housing sensitive electronic assemblies in indoor and outdoor environments. Aluminum enclosures offer a natural level of EMI shielding for devices and applications. Moreover, From basic aluminum project boxes to dependable watertight aluminum enclosures, browse an assortment of styles and sizes. Both non-waterproof and waterproof aluminum enclosures are available in a variety of sizes. The waterproof versions meet NEMA Type 4X, 6, 6P 12, & 13 and IP67 and IP68 requirements.  Aluminum enclosures are commonly found in industries like transportation, manufacturing, electrical and more. View all aluminum cases from Polycase..


You can choose different types server chassis according to your own requirement, and different side panels have different features.

  • Ease of assembly and accessibility
  • Strong construction and 3/5/8mm thickness aluminium front interface-panel
  • Front and rear internal supports for mounting of tray,display,oley, or PCBs
  • Appearance secured with 4x screws M3 (inner fixed with L type using 20 Screws to make it stable)
  • Available in four heights (1U, 2U,3U & 4U) and two depths (200mm & 250mm)
  • Available in silver and black, with or without handles
  • Customization options include cutouts,color,size, mounting and printing(No MOQ limited)
  • Ideal for computer networking, data centres and security control applications