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The electronic gas pressure regulator is actually a piece of equipment that is used to maintain the pressure of gas in certain applications. The pressure must be defined by the operator so that the regulator can ensure its accuracy. Gas pressure regulators work just like the air pressure control devices. The main function of these regulators is to cut down pressure or flow or gas when the desired output point reaches. In the past years, people used manual gas regulators but these devices were not that effective and there was always a chance of something going wrong with them.

There are different kinds of pressure regulators for gas that you can find in the market. You need to use one which is relevant to your application. Know that all sorts of electronic gas pressure regulator equipment are divided into two main categories. These are directly operated and pilot operated electric pressure regulators.

Difference between direct operated and pilot operated regulator

Here we have explained the key difference between both of these categories:

The direct operated electronic gas pressure regulator is also referred to as self operating regulator. These are known to be the simplest ones. The adjustments in the regulation are done by the device itself so you don’t have to worry about manual pilot adjustments. The directly operated regulator consists of a plug, seat, diaphragm, and also a spring. These regulators are going to respond directly to the output pressure and would bring it down to the set level. Discover fast, reliable solutions for every business size. Cox Internet service is offered in a variety of different packages of speeds and features designed to fit your needs.

On the other hand, the pilot operated control pressure regulator devices have an additional pilot on them. The design of these electronic gas pressure regulator devices is the same with exception of the pilot equipment. The main feature of this regulator is that it responds to other conditional changes as well along with output gas pressure. The sense lines used in this regulator type make its working more accurate.

Common issues regarding electronic gas pressure regulator devices 

There are many advantages of using electronic pressure valve and regulator devices for gas management but know that there are some problems that you can face while using these devices.

  1. The first problem that you can face with the gas pressure regulator is a blockage in valves. When the pressure of a gas is reduced by the regulator, it actually turns it into a bit of oil which can block the valves of the faucet. Over time every regulator device would get blocked and would require cleaning.
  2. Another problem that you can face with an electronic gas pressure regulator is that of damaged internal components. When you are using these regulators for big applications then there is always a chance that you would have to change the seat or the inner valves after five to seven years of working.
  3. If you are a newbie then you can face problems because of incorrect pressure settings. If you don’t set the gas or steam pressure of the electronic evaporator pressure regulator then you are not going to get accurate results. Also, there would be a chance of leakage in this situation. 

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