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Facebook continues to be one of the best social media platforms in today’s world. Not only does it connect friends but it has gradually grown into a venue for brands and businesses.

Facebook’s user-generated posts develop your brand’s identity and humanize your brand Keeping your website updated is an extremely difficult task to do. 

Also creating innovative content every time is also a tedious task to do. So why not let users create content for you? 

If you are already spending your time and effort creating content for your Facebook page you can make it go a little further. You can display your Facebook page content on your websites, by this you can easily keep your websites updated with fresh content and engage with the audience.

Benefits of embedding Facebook Feeds on your Website :

Enhances User engagement

Many brands face issues such as low conversion rates, high bounce rates, etc. Facebook feeds keeps your website updated with fresh content, whatever you post on your Facebook page automatically gets updated on your website. This way you can showcase your Facebook reviews posted by customers. This will give your brand more exposure and increase user engagement.

Saves time on content Creation 

By simply embedding Facebook feeds on your website you can save a lot of time. Creating innovative content every time is a tedious process.  So instead of working on content for hours and spending too much on advertisements WHY NOT brands just collect and curate their page content and display on websites.

Real-time Updates 

When you embed feeds to your website it allows you to showcase your product/business updates, offers, news, and information beneficial to your customers. Showcasing instant information gives your business an edge over your competitors. Moreover, consumers look for options that reduce their time and effort on digital platforms. 

Visual Appeal 

Visuals are eye-catchy, informative, attractive, and time-saving making your website look more interactive. Facebook feeds change the look and feel of your website, due to which visitors on your website tend to spend more time exploring, 

Social Proof 

When you fetch content from social media like Facebook specifically user-generated content such as customer reviews and posts they represent as social proof on your website. More than 50% of people rely on user-generated content rather than content created by the brand itself. So, when you display user’s content on your website it develops trust amongst your new users. 

One of the freeways to embed Facebook feeds on your website is to directly embed it from Facebook itself. But this way you have limited access to customization, moderation, real-time content updates, etc. So embedding feeds directly won’t be much attractive and user engaging.

 The better solution is to use social media aggregators to display your Facebook feeds on your website. 

Social media aggregators are tools that aggregate content from your different social media platforms then helps you in creating an attractive and 

Dynamic feed.With lots of features.

Tools To Embed Facebook Feed On Website

Let’s look at the Best 3 smart tools to embed  Facebook feeds on your website 

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is the simplest solution with which you can embed Facebook feeds within a few minutes. You can curate Facebook posts from handles and different pages to form a single feed. 

Once you have gathered all your posts Taggbox provides customization options like themes, background, colors and fonts, custom posts etc. Besides this you can also filter the post and eliminate them before making them public. 

Taggbox offers additional features like add banners, ticker, highlight posts to make it more personalized.

It is extremely easy to display. You just have to choose a platform – copy the code – and paste it at the backend of your website. With Taggbox you can create a free trial account in the beginning and test out all the features

Embed Social – 

Embed Social is a platform where you can gather all your social channels to engage with your audience as well as spread awareness for your brand. It’s easy to set up Facebook posts and generate it into the platform so later on you can display on your website. Social embed lets you fetch Facebook’s page post as well as mentions so you can easily add the source you want and copy-paste the Facebook URL and within a couple of seconds you will have the latest posts successfully imported into the platform. With social embed you can change the layout of your wall. Finally you can copy the HTML code and paste it wherever you want to display the feed on your website.


Curator gathers your social media posts across multiple channels and places them in one compelling feed to embed anywhere you like. Curator is simple to use affordable social media aggregator. You can connect your Facebook with the tool and gather the posts. Curator then allows you to style your fees to suit your personal branding. You can embed the results to your blog websites.


So you can use this massive platform to create brand awareness, increase user engagement, reduce bounce rate on your websites, change the look and feel of your website and maximize your brand’s sales and conversions. 

We have talked about the top three social media aggregator tools which you can use to embed your Facebook feed on your website. So start your research and choose the best one suitable for you. 

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