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The growing popularity of Instagram and the opportunities it open for businesses have made it a hotspot to find potential customers. According to the Statista report, as of 2020, Instagram has a global user base having an average age of 34 or younger and almost 350 million users worldwide.

Instagram has become a major marketing platform for businesses that are looking for boosting user-engagement, long-term customer relationships, and an initial platform to create brand awareness. 

The platform is generally a photo-sharing app, that allows users to share their photos with friends and networks. It also enables users to post videos, stories, and share messages with friends. 

Instagram has tremendous features for businesses to boost promotional activities. With these capabilities, there is an opportunity for businesses to embed Instagram on their website to boost their website engagement, traffic, and sales online.

In this blog, we will learn the different ways in which you can embed Instagram feed on website

What is an Instagram Feed?

In simple words, Instagram Feed can be defined as a collection of relevant user-generated content for your business with the help of keywords, hashtags, mentions, etc. into a single feed. The process of discovery, curation, and managing content becomes easy and quick with the help of an Instagram feed widget.

It brings all the relevant visual content that is important for your marketing purposes into a single customizable platform. Many businesses are embedding Instagram feed on their website to boost user engagement and build trust among their visitors. There are a few cost-effective and advanced tools in the market that can help you to embed Instagram feed efficiently.

Top 5 Ways to Embed Instagram Feed Widget on Your Website

  1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is the best UGC platform that helps brands to display feeds on all marketing touchpoints to boost user engagement, build trust, and drive conversions. 

The platform fetches the social media content from the different social media platforms and forms a single presentation that can be displayed on multiple marketing channels. 

Taggbox Widget has a good user-interface thus, it’s easy to create an Instagram feed quickly and effectively. The platform offers a dynamic range of features including moderation features to filter out all irrelevant UGC and real-time updates to display fresh content to your visitors. 

Also, enables brands to customize their feed design by choosing from a variety of themes. The embedding process of feed is quite simple, you just need to copy the embed code and paste it into your website backend where you want to display on your web pages. 

The best part of Taggbox Widget is its user-rights management feature that allows brands to get the user’s consent before using their content for marketing. This builds a strong relationship between brands and their customers. 

  1. Instagram Embedding

There is no doubt that Instagram has offered businesses with tremendous marketing opportunities and this includes embedding Instagram content on the website as well.

However, if you will note we haven’t used the word feed, instead we have used content. The reason is that at one time you can only embed one Instagram post on your website. The process can be lengthy for the brands who are looking to embed a huge amount of content on their website. As you need to manually embed every post from Instagram.

Some of the advantages are that you don’t need to worry about security as the posts are directly from Instagram, responsive in nature, and easy embedding process. 

If you are looking for embedding one or two posts on your website, then this is a perfect platform for your business. However, you will require a third-party tool to embed a large amount of data.

  1. InstaEmbedder

InstaEmbedder is a user-generated content platform that allows you to collect, customize, and embed Instagram feed on your website. The tool allows you to display content after customization like color, font, theme, etc. It also enables a share, like and comment buttons on the posts. The update time of feed is longer in duration than other platforms for free users and for the pro plan it is of 30 minutes. 

The maximum photos that you can display in one feed are 33 for free users and 99 for pro-version users 

  1. SnapWidget

SnapWidget is a tool that allows you to embed social media feeds on your website from multiple platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

The tool offers a wide range of widget layout and designs with easy customization of font, color, etc. It is compatible with many website platforms like Shopify, HTML, WordPress, etc. 

The posts in a feed can be displayed in the carousel format as well which adds to the visual presentation of the website. Some of the features include are analytics, customer support, pop-up view, and custom CSS.

  1. Smash Balloon

This is a social media aggregator plugin for WordPress users. The tool allows you to customize the feeds freely from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This tool allows you to create multiple feeds from your Instagram account with the help of hashtags, mentions, etc. 

Smash Balloon is easy to use and set up without much technical assistance. They offer different plans with varied pricing for businesses, developers, and personal use. 

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