Kuala Lumpur is the primary source of income for Malaysia. Indeed, almost 50% of the economy of the country is sustained by revenues generated through incoming tourists. The city is amazing in all aspects. Not only it has a modern vibe, but it also possesses a unique traditionalism. The unique combination it has to offer is the primary reason why millions of people flock to Kuala Lumpur each year with Saudi Airlines.

Though the city is full of lavish restaurants and high-end bars, there are some places and dishes that can be experienced without spending much money. In our today’s piece, we are sharing a breakdown of the cheapest dishes in KL. Let’s get started.

1.    Vegan Mixed Rice

The immensely delicious rice mixed with vegetables is the favorite specialty in KL for the people who cannot afford lavish meals. Its taste and odor is at par with any other sumptuous dish. The best canteen for this item is Dharma Realm Monastery, which apart from offering the mixed rice also provides the customers with other 50 dishes. Interestingly, the mixed rice here also has several other flavors, including the mixed rice with meat and the mixed rice with thunder tea. The most popular mixture is with the chopped vegetables and pounded tea. The dish is served in a beautiful small bowl, which you will certainly adore.

2.    Beef Noodles

Beef Noodles will only be found in the battered restaurants. However, its deliciousness will make you feel like you are feasting in a five-star restaurant. Though there are several patterns of beef noodles in KL, it is the soup and the quality of noodles that define the each style of dish. The Restoran Soong Kee is famous for offering dry version, whereas the Jamek pleases the tourists with a unique local staple. The dish is prepared after coating the egg noodles in the soy sauce. The noodles are then topped with minced beef and are served with beef slices. Moreover, the light-tasting broth is also offered to amplify the taste.

3.    Fluffy Chapati

For cheerful and cheap refreshment, nothing can compete with the fluffy chapatti. It is sold at only RM1.80 each. This item can be eaten with every curry or dish. Though you might find some places where the rate is even lower, but this is the price of Authentic Chapati Hut and it is certainly justifiable. They are chewy in taste and are cooked on griddle. Their brown crispy spots are loved by everyone who eats them. The best combination of fluffy chapatti is with chick pea curry. In addition, you will also find the naan (pillowy bread) in several restaurants, which is equally tasty.

4.    Banana Leaf Rice

The ideal spot for experiencing the banana leaf rice is Devi’s Corner, which is always crowded with the people who jostle for getting their orders. Another reason for the huge crowds is the fact that the dish is available only on Friday and Sunday. The mango chutney is also the reason why the entire city cherishes its exotic taste. The sweet flavor along with the roughness of rice will surely compel you to order an extra plate. The crab curry, raita, and the crunchy broth are also served but for this, you will have to pay an additional amount. If you are a student from Pakistan, you can check Islamabad to Kuala Lumpur ticket price to see whether the rates are lower.

5.    A Slice of Sarawak in Bangsar

If you want to eat an epitome of eatery in KL, then there is no better choice than to experience the slices of Sarawak. The Nam Chuan Coffee Shop is famous all across the city for its delectable slices. The dish is generally eaten in the rainy days. It is made of chewy rice with coconut milk and the shredded chicken. Similarly, the ribbons of omelet are also served at a slightly additional cost. The owner of this hotel has been exciting the people with the dish for over 16 years. So, if you want an authentic taste of the KL street food, then the slices of Sarawak are must.

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6.    Nasi Dagang in Malay Settlement

Nasi Dagang is basically seafood that can be eaten from all the restaurants that are located near the sea. Kampung Baru is a village in the heart of KL: and is famed for nasai dagang. This dish is prepared after cooking the nutty rice in coconut milk. This item is eaten as breakfast by the people who live in the east cost of Malaysia. The cooks serve the rice with a wide range of fish dishes, including the tuna curry that will surely give you the rich depths of flavor. During the lunchtime, the restaurant gets crowded.

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