Tattooing takes more than just skill. It would also be about the right equipment. However, knowing what equipment you need can be difficult.  If you don’t equip yourself with the right tattoo equipment, you could hurt yourself, your client, or both.

What Equipment Do You Need to Start Tattooing?


There are three major types of tattoo machines, and they could be broken down further into different subcategories. 

They all operate on various mechanics, like using rotary technology or how the coils can be adjusted in various ways to affect how the tattoo needles poke the skin at a single point.

These machines require an expert tattoo artist to manipulate them due to the intricacies in which they function. There are things needed for it all to work out properly to paint images or text onto the skin so you can replicate tattoos from all styles. 

The pneumatic option is one of the more expensive choices, but we won’t argue against it since it best mimics how human hands perform their task, though other options exist as well, if that doesn’t suit your needs.


When looking for tattoo chairs, you have to choose a model that will help the artist and customer remain comfortable. The client has to lay in one place while receiving their tattoo, or they will feel uneasy (similar to a dentist’s chair). 

When choosing a seat, make sure there is plenty of padding on the chairs and backrests so that the client can relax. As an artist, your chair must be easily adjustable. 

Posture is very important when working with clients, especially those who suffer from piercings or corporeal modifications because you need to adjust the chair. Hence, it fits perfectly around your clients’. 

Foot Pedals Together With Power Supplies

Choosing the right tattoo power supply that controls the electricity from your power unit to your tattoo device is vital so you don’t get uncontrolled voltage. A good foot pedal helps ensure that your design and techniques are properly applied. 

Ensure you’re getting a great foot pedal that also fits within your budget concerns by taking care when looking for them wherever they may be sold.


When choosing an assortment of tattoo ink to begin painting with, it’s wise for a newcomer to the field to purchase at least one complete set, including various colors. 

Having a full-colored spectrum allows you as a tattoo artist to provide your customers with all of the options necessary to enhance their artwork. Remember that not every brand or age tends to be good for beginners.


When deciding between sterilized needle choices, you need to consider the possible differences in your customer base and where you will be using them to tattoo. 

For instance, if there is a cheaper option available, that is also single-use and disposable, that may be a more prudent choice for a do-it-yourself (DIY) situation where people are tattooing at home with no formal training. 

If cost isn’t an issue, you can get more needles or injectors that allow less waste because they use pre-filled cartridges. Regardless of which type of equipment you choose, make sure to stay on top of cleaning.


Starting a tattoo artist business can seem rather arduous. With the help of this writing on What Equipment Do You Need to Start Tattooing?, we hope gathering all of the items needed in a tattoo kit checklist is less stressful for you. 

Now that you have gained the knowledge and understanding of different tools, we encourage you to browse online and soon start putting your kit together! Cheer!

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