ESIC card benefitsESIC card benefits


Under ESIC the ESIC registration employees and employer get an ESIC card. The employees and employer can avail of benefits with this ESIC card.

The ESIC Act is a social security scheme that affects millions of Indians every year. To optimize the benefits given under the ESIC Act and track all the beneficiaries, the ESI card or ESIC Pehchan card was introduced.

What is an ESIC card?

ESIC card:

The ESI pay card is used to avail of the benefits of ESIC schemes such as funeral expenses, medical benefits, maternity and disability benefits, etc.

The details that can be found on the identification card are:

  • Insured person number
  • Insured person Name
  • Insured persons’ Father’s name
  • ESI holder’s Address
  • ESIC holder’s Fingerprint
  • IP Photo
  • IP Family Photos

What are the benefits of ESIC card for employees and employers?

ESIC card Benefits for employees are as follows:

  1. The employee will get 2 cards, one for himself and one for his family. These cards are used to receive free medical treatment in any dispensary under the ESI Act.
  2. The scheme is centralized and these cards are applicable anywhere in the country.
  3. Authentication uses fingerprints, so it makes it very secure and easy.
  4. This is a one-time process and even if employees change their company, they will have a single payment card.

Note: The employees can also avail of free medical aid with your print counterfoil.

ESIC card Benefits for employers are as follows:

  • They can easily file ESI returns online.
  • They can easily get employee details, for example, which employee took advantage, etc.

Benefits of ESIC card:

  • The ESI scratch card removes duplicated data and increases transparency.
  • It is fully digital and is easy to store and retrieve.

How to get an ESI card for employees and employers?

ESIC card for Employees:

  • First, get your print counterfoil from your employer. This is the form of ESI application
  • The Employee does not need to fill anything other than his/her signature and family photo.
  • Get  it verified by their employer
  • Bring this form with the employee family members to the nearest ESIC office for photographs and verification.
  • Within 30 days of applying, The Employee will receive 2 cards by courier, or they can collect them by going to the ESIC office.

Note: If the employees have linked their Aadhaar card number and their ESIC registration number then the employee does not need a family photo.

ESIC card For the Employer:

To get a print counterfoil, the employer has to login to their ESIC portal and click on the Print Counterfoil option.

If any of the employees of his company do not have a pen card, the employer can go to the ESIC office and arrange for an officer to come and go to the employer office for their registration.

These are the usages and benefits of the ESIC card for the employees and employers.

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