Cleaning Tips to Help Keep COVID-19 Out of Your Home

Everyday Tips for a Clean Home


Keeping your house stainless all the time is quite impossible but leaving it as messy as it could be is never a healthy way either, so here are some habits you could get used to or tips for you to make your house look well maintained.

  • Establish a no-shoe rule inside the house, this might surprise many of you, but it does help a lot. For example, maintaining a shoe rack at the entrance or the foyer of your home where you can have a spare set of shoes or flip flops that you use only in the house will make it easier for you to clean.
  • Use foot mats. Place foot mats all over the house like the entrance, in and out of your bathrooms, in your kitchen, and your bedrooms. This way, you can avoid your feet getting dirty and also keep the floor tidy.
  • Build up a dusting routine that you follow regularly. Of course, it would be tiring and time-consuming to dust every day but doing it regularly, like once a month, would make the house look much better. And not everyone’s home needs a lot of dusting, so it is up to you to decide the routine and when to follow it.
  • Use draw liners and mats for your drawers and cabinets to make them more organized and easy to clean. It also protects the surface from any sort of accidental spillages. When it comes to kitchen cleaning, always use a disinfectant liquid while cleaning your fridge and, if possible, keep your fridge organized rather than stuffing it with random things.
  • Use dustbins, not just one for the entire house; do maintain dustbins all around the home so that you wouldn’t feel lazy to discard stuff just because you think it’s too much work to go to the dustbin. Also, different bins for dry and wet waste do help a lot while taking the trash out.
  • Try to maintain a paper organizer. Almost everyone keeps their bills for at least 3 to 4 weeks to get them exchanged or returned. So maintaining an organizer for them or storing them adequately organized would help you to an extent. You also have to be sure of discarding the useless ones every once in a while.
  • Use coasters on tables and your kitchen islands while using glasses or mugs because they might leave a stain and can be hard to get rid of, especially on wooden surfaces.
  • Use storage baskets. Imagine organizing everything and just throwing all of them into and basket and closing it. The second option sounds way better and more accessible, doesn’t it? This is why you can use baskets to make it easier for yourself to make your home less messy. And if you have kids, this goes without saying.
  • Keep things back in their designated places or where they are supposed to be. This is hard to follow because sometimes you may forget, and your family member might sometimes just misplace them, but it is always nice to have this habit of saving yourself time from cleaning.
  • Vacuum your furniture and rooms regularly. The more you postpone it, the more effort you will have to put in. Also, clean your foot mats, carpets, towels, and bedsheets regularly. At least every two months.
  • Keep your closets organized; a study proved that this reduces your stress from your morning routine as many of us find it hard to choose an outfit. But when your closet is organized, it’s much easier for you to decide.

Don’t put off cleaning. Once everything piles up, you might feel more stressed to get it cleaned. Also, remember to call-over sanitization services every once in a while to keep yourself safe from all the health hazards. Finally, make it a habit to keep your home clean because that is where you come back to at the end of the day.

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