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Gloves are very important in the dentistry profession where dentists have to wear gloves for more than 40 hours or more, on a weekly basis. It is very important for dentists to wear the right kind of gloves to protect themselves from exposure to pathogens that are present in the saliva and blood of the patients.

Dentists need to work with the right kind of gloves which can protect them from antiseptic solutions that are used during treatment. In today’s day and age, it is increasingly important for all dentists to wear the right kind of gloves to prevent the chances of a transmissible infection, for themselves and also for the patients.

Dentists have been using gloves since the 1980s. It is very important for dentists to wear the right kind of gloves to protect them from dangerous infections. The right kind of gloves also helps in lowering instances of cross-infection, giving how often the dentist’s hands come in contact with the blood and saliva of the patients.

Why is it so important for dentists to wear the right kind of dental nitrile gloves?

 In the age of HIV, MRSA, and Viral Hepatitis, is very important to use the right kind of gloves in the dental industry. If and when dentists use the right kind of gloves in their practice, they can lessen the risk of transmission of diseases to a considerable extent.

Previously vinyl and nitrile were the two major options available for dentists but times have changed and the development of synthetic materials has ensured that there is a wide range of gloves for dentists to choose from.

There are many alternatives present in the market that have their own strengths and weaknesses and perhaps the best option for dentists is dental nitrile gloves. If the user has sensitivity or allergy towards latex, then he or she can surely consider using dental nitrile gloves.

These gloves are often referred to as ‘medical grade’ since they undergo a lot of series conducted by the FDA, before being allowed in the market.

What are the striking features and benefits of dental nitrile gloves?

Dental professionals used dental nitrile gloves in different colors such as grey, blue, pink, and purple. Latex gloves were the norm in the dental industry for a couple of decades but the latex allergies associated with such gloves saw a definite shift from latex gloves to dental nitrile gloves.

Dental nitrile gloves might be disposable but they can still be used more than once. One key benefit of choosing these gloves over other alternatives in the market is that they are more puncture resistant than most alternatives. Comparatively, they are also a lot more durable and comfortable.

Dentists strongly favor such gloves because they can be used for extended periods of time, without any signs of discomfort or fatigue, whatsoever. Most variants of these gloves have a very low friction coefficient which means that they are incredibly easy to put on and take off. 

These gloves provide for an excellent grip which comes in handy while handling sharp objects like needles etc. These gloves are also highly fancied by dentists around the world because they are highly resistant to glutaraldehyde and other chemicals.

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