Everything You Should Know About Facebook Messenger Marketing For Ecommerce


Facebook Messenger messaging is the most powerful communication tool for e-commerce. 

Facebook Messenger ads and conversational exchange are heating up, but fairly short messages are proving to be a problem for several companies. Ensuring that a post with just a fraction of a word count will not sacrifice its effect is no easy task. 

Luckily, I’ve seen thousands of messages in Recart and I’ve got a few fast tips for you to dramatically improve the impact of your Facebook Messenger marketing campaign. 

Again, you step ahead in the marketing campaign when you offer more than just products in your e-commerce store. It is custom printed merchandise. With ImprintNext, your customers can personalize products in your e-commerce store that you sell them. 

But first, let’s look at why this medium is so effective. 

Why is it Facebook Messenger Marketing Important? 

The quick response to this is simple: the consumption and interaction numbers are crazy. 

I’m going to equate Messenger to email here since it’s one of the more frequent similarities because it’s really close in terms of use. 

It’s worth remembering that this is a list of both corporate and personal emails.

The growth of Messenger is tremendous, but it is not the most important creation. No, the most important aspect is the dedication and what it will mean for your business. 

There has been several research demonstrating just how amazing Messenger’s contribution and transfer levels are. Most of them equate the platform to the current ROI champion – email – and demonstrate how Messenger outperforms it in several specific fields. 

Radical also discusses how many people have multiple profiles and that the figure can rise marginally more. 

Messenger, on the other side, does not claim such a big amount. It’s hardly a small outlet, however, and they’ve experienced some crazy development.

What are the key elements of a Facebook Marketing Manager?

Character Limits:

You get 640 characters to send a single post. There’s nothing to deter you from moving over the mark, but it’s only going to show up as two different texts. 

Nonetheless, I would warn against moving over the mark. FB Messenger is intended to be for quick, easy contact. Just a dramatic retelling of conflict and peace. 

Greeting messages are limited to 160 characters in length. The full character duration of iPhones 6 and above will also be seen on the lock screen.

Nonetheless, I have found that several messages sent one after the other will cut down on the text that is shown. 

According to UrbanAirship, Android phones have a far smaller character cap that ranges about 40 characters. 

As such, I would suggest that you place the most convincing aspect of your message inside the first 40 characters to cover all bases.


In Facebook Chat, you have two ways to contact the customers for responses. 

The first is how you use the app to speak to your buddies, encouraging the user to easily react by sending a text to you. 

It is perfect if you’re attempting to help solve an issue or have a better view of the community, so if you’re trying to lure the customers into a shopping path, you can use Messenger’s buttons. 

These keys, when pressed, execute two main acts inside the Messenger. 

They’re helping the customer make strides on their trip. 

They reset Facebook’s 24-hour rule that forbids you from submitting advertising content beyond the 24-hour period.

Other Facebook Messenger Marketing Elements:

 The other elements would come as no shock to any marketer who has previously experimented with some platform. We’re thinking about basics like Copy Picture Photo Call-to-Action (CTA) These are no different in Messenger to text, the only distinction being how CTAs are portrayed as buttons.

How Email is Important?

An email has kept the spot of the highest ROI channel as it is one of the only ways to provide the users with a clear line of communication. 

For items like social networking, PPC, and digital marketing, you chuck stuff into the universe of the internet thinking they’ll gain some momentum.

But you can contact interested parties directly via email. It’s a one-to-one medium of contact, but it’s far from ideal. 

Mail is communicating with the user. It’s the automated version of a salesperson who’s got a product plan worked out and won’t let you pose questions before the entire deal is finished. 

Messenger, on the other side, is what you expect from a sales agent. It’s a chat. One that helps the customer to have a discussion such that you can choose the best drug for them. 

It might sound like a minor change, but it has a big influence.

The truth is, the guy you give this to isn’t after a man’s watch. They may have been shopping for women’s watches, new belts, or other similar watches. 

You won’t find this out before the emails don’t turn. Yeah, you might start a long email chain to try to work out the best solution for that consumer, but that’s a long cycle. And with email’s low open rates, there’s a good risk the main emails could break. 

Compare this to the eBay store case. Within seconds, I can let the chatbot know precisely what I’m searching for so that they can react to me with the most appropriate items.

Email Campaigns & Messenger :

If you’ve been operating your shop for a while now, you would have set up a range of activated email series. We’re thinking about stuff like: Forget Cart Campaigns Welcome Messenger Sequences Cross and Upsell Notifications Receipt and Delivery Note These are the best locations to launch your Messenger campaigns. 

Don’t believe that’s all because this is a new platform you’ve got to launch your campaign from scratch. Messenger might be different, but the objectives and strategies behind it and email are strikingly close.

We suggest that you take a look at the email promotions that already provide you with a strong ROI and adapt them to Messenger. Begin with the highest ROI as a check, and get out of there. 

When you’re just starting out or not quite sure what offers you the highest ROI, I’d like to continue with a cart abandonment program. Once we checked Messenger versus email for cart abandonment, we got a much stronger performance from Messenger.

Although Messenger’s interaction numbers are far higher than email, I really wouldn’t advocate switching anything over to the platform alone. 

What I would suggest is that you operate all of them as a joint project. 

Hold the email promotions going, but introduce Messenger to the mix. Just make sure that your sends are spaced so that you don’t flood users with messages through channels within 10 minutes of each other.

Reach every individual:

I am not concerned about a major overhaul of the company or its framework. I’m thinking about something close to the person of the crowd, except for the business. 

Many of the citizens have an understanding of their communication approach. They should realize that their brand is supposed to be fun/serious/informative/helpful, or whatever. 

The challenge is that it is always challenging to respond to individual communications. 

You ought to be acquainted with the idea of marketing men. The idea of creating an “ideal overview” of different segments and targets so you can more effectively market to them. We dive deep into what marketing personas are and how to use them in our Ecommerce Branding Guide.

It’s alarming. Consider all the companies out there with unforgettable ads, and you’ll find that they’re doing it because they’re a bit over the top. 

Yeah, it’s going to piss a few people off, but it’s still going to draw genuine fans of you. So that’s just what you want. 

All the companies you know, for good or worse, are the ones who took their brand identity to the next level. 

Ensure sure the image of your company shines with any post.

Images and Gif:

If a picture is worth a thousand sentences, the gifs must be worth millions. 

Not only does pop-up help make the messages more attractive, but it can help to strengthen the message. A well-chosen picture will convey just what you want to say with just a look. 

You’d actually get away with using nothing other than amusing gifs from pop culture in most companies. But in e-commerce, if you concentrate on the commodity, you’ll get great outcomes. 

As with your landing and product pages, high-quality product images will enhance the user’s perception of the quality of your product.

Photos and gifs are the secrets to getting the posts a bit more enjoyable and entertaining. Be sure you don’t overuse them, however, and aim to get them to match the overall brand profile.

Personalized Marketing Messages:

As of now, Messenger does not deliver this degree of personalization. 

What you can do is set up activated sequences focused on main events such as cart abandonment, invite new members, and even order follow-ups.

Messenger does not provide sophisticated personalization and segmentation synonymous with email marketing, but it goes well beyond just applying the user’s first name to the post. 

The introduction of prompted ads means a more customized and meaningful communication for the customer. Implement this for a fast and simple boost to your overall revenue.


Facebook Messenger messaging is hugely taken shape. It will control the remainder of 2020 and will become one of the main channels of conversion beyond this year.  If you test any of the larger brands, you’ll see that they’re pouring a lot of money into creating killer chat apps. You might disregard these signals and keep going as you were, but you risk leaving behind and leaving yourself with a huge gap to make up. Don’t let the comparable shortage of best practice and comprehensive case studies deter you from starting today.

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