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Isn’t it a great feeling to roll down in a shiny car that had been washed and waxed and pretty much turn the eyes of people on the street? Washing and waxing can do a lot than making your car look fresh, but every car owner knows that washing and waxing preserve the lustre of the car’s paint and get rid of the dirt and road grit. Besides, vacuuming can keep the interiors fresh and attractive by sucking even the smallest of the particles from the nook and corner. However, there is more to washing, waxing and vacuuming when it comes to maintaining your car to the top-notch level.

Don’t you want your rides to be smooth? There is a lot more you can do since a well-maintained vehicle with better functioning parts can get you a high resale value than a dull hooptie with the cabins that looks like a storeroom.

Here are some tips that will help your vehicle look sharp-

1) Avoid washing in direct sunlight-

I have seen people making the mistake of washing their vehicle in direct sunlight. You must know that doing so means spilling water on your hard work! The direct heat from the sun dries the water on the vehicle leaving the watermarks before you have even finished. Therefore, park the car in the shade when you are up for washing.

2) Do not go for a dishwashing detergent-

Many people say that even upon cleaning their car, the shine does not last. Probably because they had been using dishwashing detergent, which although creates more foam and lather but rips the car paint away. The dishwashing detergent is made to cut the grease from the surface, using it on your vehicle means cutting every strip pf wax that made the body lustrous.

You must know, to wash your car and preserve its shininess, you need to buy janitorial and sanitation products from an automotive store and not from a home-cleaning store.

3) Don’t forget the interiors-

It will be easy to extract the dirt from exteriors as it will be from the interiors. Don’t forget to clean the interiors, especially if it’s a convertible since the striking speck of dust can pummel the leather surface of your car seats. Abrasive particles can collect into the finer detailing of the car cabin, which requires vacuuming and interior spray detailer for the extraction.

4) Avoid banded glass-

It is easy to spot the streaky side of the window glass and to get rid of the striates, use a fresh microfiber towel. The microfiber towel (being delicate) with a spray of a mild cleaner reduces the lines on the glass that would have appeared with other cloth. 

5) Go for cosmetic repairs-

While cleaning your car, you might have noticed a couple of cosmetic flaws like scratches, dents, uneven bumper, old tyres, ripped paint and any such thing. If that is the case, then you might need the help of expert automotive care who can restore the beauty of your vehicle.

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