As the businesses grow from one location to multiple, they bring a whole new set of challenges. From tracking inventory to the training of fresh recruitments to ensuring effective field marketing, stakeholders have to pay attention to every aspect of the growing business.

Field Audit App come as an answer to all these problems. In this article, we will explain how field audit apps can help your expanding business retain the same philosophy and values that you started with. 

What is a field audit app?

Field Audit Apps are applications that help stakeholders manage the resources of the company across multiple locations. The app covers domains of resources management, field marketing, and many more aspects of expanding businesses.

The key principle that such apps are built and functions are customer satisfaction and policy compliance.

Components of Field Audit App

Field Audit Apps comprise key elements that serve as the foundation for the smooth working of expanding businesses. These include onboarding & regular training of employees, a daily operational checklist, and standardized audit plans. Let us look at them in detail.


The Field Audit App makes onboarding super easy and most effective. With such apps, it becomes easy to standardize employee training on one single online platform. Managers and stakeholders can designate targeted training modules and requirements that come with different sets of job responsibilities.

The Field Audit Apps also allow training to be customized to suit every employees’ skill set. The app also broadcasts all the latest updates to every employee working in any corner of the world thus bringing them all together on the same page.

Daily Operational Checklist Completion

The smooth working of any business depends upon its employees’ compliance with the company policy. With Field Audit Apps that mandates employees compliance to regulations and operational standards. This is made possible by enforcing standardized checklists.

Employees working in various locations are required to add notes and media files to the official records. These entries are time-stamped, geolocated, and uploaded to the central server for access to all.

The centralized app dashboard of the employee tracking app displays updates across multiple locations. This can be accessed by managers, stakeholders, employees working in different locations across multiple domains bringing consistency and accountability in the process.

Standardizing Audit Plans

Every expanding organization needs a strong auditing system that is followed by targeted actions for inconsistencies. The field audit app or field data collection app provide easy standardization of audit plans that is easy to create, understand and implement by respective stakeholders.

The Audit Plans automates all routine assessments such as food safety, public health, compliance to regulations, marketing targets, and many more. Companies can customize their metric to be tracked in such audit plans.

The Audit plans are followed by a detailed summary report mailed automatically to all stakeholders and efficient action templates that are easy to create and address inconsistencies in the audit.

Standardized Audit plans through the Field Audit app are more efficient, accurate, and quicker than the old days where auditors had to visit all these locations for auditing manually thus bringing in a factor of human error.

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