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Denver is a place with full of eye-catching attraction and a great place for all who love travelling and adventure. This place has something for everyone, if someone like mountains and hiking there are rocky mountains, if someone wants to spend some time with nature there are several gardens and sights, if someone loves art and artifacts there are many museums and of course if someone loves his food and drinks there are many finest restaurants and pub where one can enjoy there evening.

There are so many things one can to do in denver or near Denver, in this article you are going to find out some actually cool things that you can do while being in Denver.

 Air and space museum: This is a great place for all who are fan of aircrafts. This place is located in a former air force hanger of 1930s. The museum contains collection of over 50 aircrafts and space vehicles that includes B-18A Bolo, RF-84K and many more like this. The great thing here is the kids are also welcomed to gain the knowledge about aircrafts.

Art museum: It is one of the top ten locations related with art in Denver. Here you can find galleries that showcase over 70000 works by popular artists. This place contains the biggest and impressive collection of the art from Chicago to the west coast. This place is a heaven for art lovers.

Mount Evans: The height of the Mount Evans is 14271 ft. where you can breathe significantly fresh air. The 12th highest peak of Colorado Mount Evans offers some stunning views and scenery. Those who love nature and mountains must visit this popular site near Denver.

Larimer Square: One of the most famous historical areas of Denver.  The history goes way back in the 19th century when the place was famous for gold strike and that is when this place came on to the world map. Now this place has become a charming area, you can enjoy a walk here as many restaurants and shops are situated here where you can shop and eat and also some nightlife venues are here where you can spend your evening with joy.

Downtown Aquarium: This is one of the places where whole family can enjoy themselves as millions of gallons water and over 500 types of species to be witnessed here. Along with this there are dive lounge, restaurant, ballroom and much more where you can have some fun. This place will keep you busy. The aquarium is made so well for everyone to know and learn about the sea life. Especially the kids will enjoy so much as the mermaid show, the flash flood exhibit are some of the attraction for them.

Candy Factory of Hammond: What would be more fun than a travel with sweet ending?  The Hammond candy factory allows tour that is educational as well as fun for all candy lovers. This place welcomes people from all over the world to see how the handcrafted candy canes, ribbon candy; lollipops are pulled, twisted and shaped only by hands. The process which was used in early 19s, this place lets you know about the Colorado history as well.

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