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Selecting the perfect blackout shades can be difficult as there are multiple blackout shades options available. This guide will enlighten you with all major types of blackout shades so that you can decide on the best window blackout shades, whether it is window blackout roman shades in Pacific Palisades or roller shades. But firstly, understand what exactly blackout shades are.

Blackout shades are specifically designed to completely block all incoming light through the window. These blackout shades use a dense fabric that can easily block outside light and provide an ideal ambiance to relax and sleep during the daytime as well. As there are so many types of blackout shades available, consider the room’s décor and window shape to choose the best blackout shades. Let’s uncover the different types of blackout shades.


The roller shades use a single piece of fabric rolled into a concealed headrail when raised. To block all incoming light from the window, you need to pull down the roller shades using a chain or cord. The cordless version is also considered best if you have kids and pets at home. Roller shades are easy to install and comes inexpensive. They can be mounted inside or outside of the window frame. The choice is completely yours.


Blackout cellular shades are made of one piece of fabric, and they are rolled up or fold up. The cellular shades fold up along with crisp pleats. Each cell is insulated and creates an absorptive chamber that sunlight rays cannot escape. In short, they are more efficient at blocking the light. Cellular shades are operated by a cord or push tab at the bottom. The best thing is, cellular blackout shades offer excellent light control, noise reduction, which can largely lower your energy bills. Cellular shades are constructed in narrow and crisp folds that allow the cellular shades to be easily drawn or raised to the desired height.

Roman shades

It is one of the best blackout shade types that use soft fabric and can be raised or lowered using the rings and a cord system. This cord and ring system is sewn into the backside of the panel. When the cord system raises roman shades, these panels collapse into horizontal folds at the top of the window. Likewise, when lowered, the panels lie flat against the window and hangs in soft folds. Roman shades equally complement the traditional and contemporary home interior. The soft-fold roman shades offer a feeling of warmth in the room.

Over to you

Every blackout shade is an amazing piece of window treatment. Whichever you choose, make sure you consider home interior. Alongside, the perfect installation is important that makes sure the blackout shades do not fall or fail and perfectly complement your home interior. For this, get in touch with the best window treatment professionals who can take care of the entire buying and installation process. The window treatment professionals will also assist you in selecting the right custom curtains window treatments in Pacific Palisades.

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