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Travel has undoubtedly brought a positive change from reducing cultural differences to facilitating wildlife conservation to escalating the trade between the countries.

The travel industry has proven to be one of the powerful industries from the past few decades and has contributed positively to different world economies.

Many people wish to travel but are restricted due to their financial conditions. Many financial institutions offer fast loans that require no guarantor and have easy repayment terms to encourage travelling.

With positive changes, there is a negative side to travelling too. Airlines have been one of the biggest users of fossil fuels. Also, many visitors travelling across cities put a strain on local areas.

There are many other downsides of travel that go unnoticed but are a major cause of concern.

With these simple tips from travel experts, you can create a positive impact wherever you go and make your trip enjoyable at the same time.

  1. Sustainable destination

If you are planning to travel and are concerned about the environment, you can select a sustainable destination.

Nations like Denmark, Switzerland and France have been announced as the most sustainable nations, according to the 2018 Environmental Performance Index.

One of the nations such as Albania having rapid economic growth has managed to move at 40th position from 61st position by prioritizing its wildlife protection. Another country Namibia has been a huge influence on other nations by being the first African nation to include environment protection as a part of its constitution. World Wildlife Fund has facilitated local communities in conserving and managing their wildlife on their lands.

Choosing a conservation-minded destination is the best thing that a traveller can do. It also enhances a traveller’s experience if the destination focuses on preserving their nature, wildlife, and culture.

  • Mode of transportation

As per the reports, Air quality is one of the biggest threats to humankind. If you believe in conservation of nature, you can reconsider you’re your way of flying.

Flying seems to be the only feasible option when travelling across countries. There may be no choice in travelling, but there is a choice in airlines. You can select an airline that uses sustainable aviation fuel such as KLM, United and Qantas.

Wherever possible, you can select the train as your mode of transport as they generate 10 times fewer carbon emissions than an airline.

  • Sustainable accommodations

Along with sustainable destinations and mode of transport, you can also opt for a sustainable hotel. A sustainable hotel does not mean a luxury deficit.

Many hotels in different countries follow zero plastic policy since plastic is one of the most harmful material to the environment. Other sources of sustainability in a hotel include using renewable energy sources such as rainwater filtration and solar energy.

These hotels also carry out tree plantation drives to reduce the damage caused by humanity. Along with these tree plantation drives, many hotels avoided cutting trees to follow an eco-friendly approach while in the construction mode.

  • Sustainable activities

As per research, $100 spent on a trip benefits $5 to the destination. The local economies are not much benefitted by travelling and remain underdeveloped.

Through their various initiatives, many travel brands ensure these local communities are the most benefitted ones to avoid these leakages. Apart from these, other travel companies take environment-conscious initiatives to create less impact on the environment.

To contribute your bit, you can get yourself associated with these travel brands and make your travel sustainable.

  • Reduce plastic waste

Plastic cannot be recycled and is one of the biggest contributors to environmental degradation. According to a study, every year, plastic is produced in huge quantities out of which only 8% of plastic is being recycled.

These numbers are increasing at lightning speed and are doing no good for the environment. You can avoid using plastic while travelling and do your part.

You can choose food joints that follow no plastic policy and use recyclable containers. These brands find solutions to environmental problems through their food.  One travel association concluded a study on plastic that adventure travellers use almost 40,000 single-use plastic bottles annually.

Plastic is the biggest enemy of the environment and is a major contributor to killing wildlife, environment poisoning and climate change. This can be reduced by reducing plastic use and using recyclable material instead.   

  •  Water conservation

A good shower is one of the best ways to freshen up your day. But the amount of water and energy used in a shower has a huge negative impact on the locals. 

Water is a scarce resource. Around three billion people around the world do not have access to clean water.

Water can be saved by small conscious acts such as turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, taking quick and short showers, reusing towels.

You can enquire about water conservation from your hotel and take an informed decision.

  • Create a positive impact

Do well, and it will come back. Sustainable travelling is also fun if done wisely. You can choose travel destinations that have recently suffered hardships or any economic difficulties.

Instead of being a bad traveller, you can be a good traveller and do your bit to bring about a positive change through your travelling.

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