Extremely Accurate Thermometers and How They WorkExtremely Accurate Thermometers and How They Work


A thermometer measures internal body temperature. Adults and infants can both use most types of thermometers. If you are thinking of buying one for your home, you should know about all available options. There are different kinds, and you can choose one based on your age and personal preference. A reliable thermometer can be a great addition to your home first-aid kit. It is an accessible piece of medical equipment. All you need are Cox bundle deals, and you can even buy one online.  

Most patients need home care after getting discharged from the hospital. So, to provide better care to your loved ones, you shouldn’t rely on guesswork. Investing in an accurate thermometer can be a wise decision. As they are medical devices, they need to pass some quality standards. So, one thermometer shouldn’t be more accurate than the other. However, here are some great options.  

Digital Thermometer  

A digital thermometer is usually a small device with a digital scale and a tip. Such types use heat sensors to determine internal body temperature accurately. You should keep in mind that a digital thermometer is useable in the mouth, armpit, or rectum. Usually, the temperature might tip more or less depending on the area of the body you’re taking it from. Armpit temperatures can run cooler than oral temperatures. Although, rectal readings are usually warmer than oral readings.   

One of the best things about digital thermometers is their speed. As the sensors register temperatures quickly, you can get accurate figures in less than one minute. It is a great option for doctors in clinics who have to check every patient’s temperature. They are usually inexpensive and have a long battery time.  

The thermometer can only give an accurate oral reading if the tip is placed under the tongue. You will have to close your mouth for at least one minute. So, if you want to take the temperature for an infant, a rectal reading could be more accurate. Moreover, you shouldn’t take oral reading right after you eat or drink something. It is also a good practice to use separate thermometers for rectal and oral readings and mark them.

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Infrared Thermometer  

An infrared thermometer was seen everywhere, especially during the pandemic. As the thermometer uses infrared rays to measure temperature, it is completely contactless. So, they can also be great to use in a public setting like a mall or cinema. The results are also quicker, and you can get an accurate reading within seconds. There are two kinds of infrared thermometers commonly used:  

1. Tympanic  

The digital tympanic thermometer can take temperature readings through the ear canal. All you have to do is touch the patient’s ear, and you can get an accurate reading. You should place the thermometer inside the ear canal for better results. However, obstructions like ear wax might temper the reading. They are also not ideal for infants as their ear canals are smaller than the tip.   

2. Temporal  

Temporal infrared thermometers can accurately measure the temperature from the forehead. People use them more often as they can work for infants and adults. The tip of the thermometer emits infrared rays and hits the temporal artery. Then, they are received by the device again along with the temperature reading. So, they are completely non-contact thermometers.   

They are ideal for taking temperatures of a large gathering without any cross-contamination. Although, forehead readings can be cooler than oral temperature readings.   

3. Oral Thermometer  

Oral thermometers can or cannot be digital. The non-digital versions are usually mercury thermometers which will be discussed later in the article. Oral thermometers have some advantages over others. They can give the most accurate reading for children under three. Moreover, they are also much cheaper than infrared thermometers.  

Oral readings are slightly warmer for some people, while others run cold. So, it is important to understand your body temperatures before you take an oral reading.   

4. Mercury Thermometer  

They are probably the oldest forms of thermometers that were available in the market. A mercury thermometer uses a glass tube with liquid mercury inside. The mercury expands and rises inside to measure the temperature. You can use them to get all readings – oral, rectal, and armpit. However, mercury is a toxic metal and could also be banned where you live. The glass tube is fragile and could release it into your body. It is a hazard with rectal and oral readings for infants. So, people have mostly abandoned them because of the availability of other safer options.  

5. Pacifier Thermometer  

As the name suggests, pacifier thermometers are for infants. If your child uses a pacifier, it can be ideal for you. These are mostly digital thermometers, and all you need to do is keep them in the child’s mouth. Although they sound convenient, they are slow and can take up to 6 minutes. As most infants can’t keep their mouths shut for so long, it can skew the reading.

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