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Looking manlier with beard is one of the common things many young boys and men look forward to. This has made beard transplant popular worldwide. The patchy or bald beard look often leaves male patients spend a lot on regaining their looks. But, with the advent of beard transplant in Gurgaon, these people just need to visit the surgeon after the consultation. The results of consultation and recommendations of beard transplant surgery vary depending on the condition of beard. Curious about this process and want to explore some facts about beard transplant? In that case, read on this article know crucial information prior to proceeding with the decision to get beard transplant surgery done.

  • Beard transplant is a part of facial hair transplant

Beard hair transplant is most of the times misinterpreted as facial hair transplant solution. However, it is just a type of this form of hair transplant. It has been witnessed that many people look beard transplant in Gurgaon to get their acne scars or sideburns covered. Apart from beard, facial hair transplant also includes eye brow and moustache hair transplantation, etc.

  • Shape and size is not a concern in the surgery for beard transplant

There is no limitation to get the desired size and shape of the beard after transplantation. In fact, the surgeon will examine your condition and recommend the better outcome. Number of hair to be transplanted on face can be variable depending on your requirement.

  • Scalp hair is used in this process

Unlike before, you can be the donor while undergoing beard transplant in Gurgaon. Earlier, the donor had to be found to complete the process. Nevertheless, at present, your scalp hair are used for beard transplant process for both FUE and FUT procedures. These areas are quickly covered by the surgeons after the surgery without any hindrance.

  • Number of hair taken from various parts of body is variable in every case

The number of hair used for beard transplant depend on the cause of baldness as well as the part of face they are being taken for. Average number of grafts is variable such as 350-500 in moustache, 600-700 grafts for full goatee and 300-700 grafts for cheek beard, etc.

  • Hair falls out after nearly 2 weeks

After two weeks of the beard transplant in Gurgaon, hair will fall out due to shock loss. It is a natural process which can be stated a bit different from hair shredding. However, in the next three months, hair on the beard will grow again. If this does not happen, then, you must consult a doctor without any delay.

Furthermore, beard transplant offers permanent results and the maximum duration of the process may be 4 hours. In case, you have apprehensions about the risks involved in beard transplantation, then, stay at ease! The risk is minimal in the process like bruising, pain and redness of the area. On a last note, the after-effects of beard transplant can fade away in a short period after the treatment.

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