Being the business owner is not so easy role to play you have to keep in check all aspects of the business need to run it smoothly. Of course! You can’t ignore the most important aspect of business i.e. accounting. For it, you acquire different mediums to handle that aspect. There were accountants and bookkeepers who help you with accounting software. In this series, the well-known name is QuickBooks, which establish itself among business owners for accounting solutions. It is the accounting software developed by Intuit as an accounting solution for small and medium-scale businesses. 

Intuit furnish it year by year by launching new versions with improvised features and tools to meet the demand of changing the technical world and its role in accounting. As per their norms intuit launch a new improved version of QuickBooks desktop i.e. QuickBooks desktop pro 2021. We are in 2020 but still blessed by QuickBooks 2021 and if you don’t know what’s new in this named new version of QuickBooks desktop, don’t worry we will take you on the tour of the latest and improved features of the software. So you can make a clear cut decision whether to make an investment in it or not. By the way, we highly recommend it with its cool and exceptional features it can prove to be the best option for accounting solutions. 

So let’s get into the business!

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021  

QuickBooks Desktop Pro assists users to organize the financial aspect of the business all in one place. It is simple to set up along with a user-friendly interface. It helps to stay on top of invoices, manage expenses, get reliable reports for tax time, and import your data from a spreadsheet. QB Pro 2021 includes more automation to save time and boost productivity. 

Latest features of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021

In this section of the blog post, we will mention some of the latest features of QuickBooks desktop pro 2020 that includes

Automatic categorize bank transactions 

With improved bank feed you can save up lots of time and effort. Through this, you can batch edit bank transactions by payees, accounts, and classes. If simplified banking to a great extent in the software. 

Automated statement emails at regular bases 

You can easily set up an automated system to send statement emails to your customers based on groups categorized by their tendencies and needs. 

Customized payments receipts 

With customized payment receipts you can sound more professional along with the easiness you will find with this latest feature.

Enhanced customer management 

Get with improved management to explore new insight and communication possibilities. You can differentiate groups of customers creating some rules or specifications also automatically update the matched criteria and many more with the latest management feature. 

Desktop manager 

From a single management tool, you can manage and get all desktop products of QuickBooks.

Eminent access to business funding 

Access flexible business funding within QuickBooks with no hidden charges, prepayment penalties. 

Other prominent features of the latest version

Send a bunch of invoices in just one email

With the invoice sending feature you can relieve yourself from the complicated and extra-long process of sending invoices to a customer one by one. Now you can cut off the series of emails you send your customer with an invoice per email. This feature will help you to attach a bunch of invoices into just one email. But remember that invoices should be of a single job. Different job invoices should be sent separately with different emails. 

In the email, the subject include customer PO 

Intuit introduces this feature in its latest version of the software to keep the track of customer details in a better way. You can now modify email templates for invoices and in the subject line of the email enter the purchase order of the customers. 

Direct deposit payroll status

The payroll status feature enables employers to view payroll status when payments made through direct deposit to the employees. You can see the payroll status of your employees by just a few clicks. 

Easy search of company files

With an easy search feature, you can search or locate your company file and get away from the hassle you confront in searching the company file. 

Expand or collapse columns

This is the one of distinct features included in the new version of QuickBooks desktop. With this, you can effortlessly adjust your columns, and you want to know how then follow up with the below referral.

Automatic payment reminder 

In the latest versions, you can send the payment reminder to your customer and process the payment efficiently. With its automation, you don’t have to put much effort into sending the reminders. 


Along with above mention new feature in the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021, there are other enhancements such as smart help, payroll setup, employee self-setup, easy upgrade feature.

Intuit also launch other versions with improved features like processing of bounced checks, company snapshots, invoice e-payment, and others which make it exceptional best for Users for accounting solutions. 

This latest and improved feature will save up your time as well as your effort and helps you to improve your accounting operations with efficiency. If you want to know about it further details then consult our QuickBooks advisor to clear your queries. Call us on our QuickBooks Payroll support phone number +1-855-533-6333.

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