Few Secrets about Teeth Whitening

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Ancient Methods for Brushing Teeth

Our ancestors were worried about white teeth. They use a variety of methods to get a radiant smile. The ancient Egyptians some 4,000 years ago began the process of whitening. They were very concerned about their appearance and their wealth. Thus they mixed wine vinegar and pumice stone to make a white paste that they applied to their teeth. The ancient Romans used urine as a bleach to whiten teeth. It was ammonia in the urine that contributed to the bright smile. The ancient Greeks had a mixture of unusual chemicals and chemicals in their teeth that they extracted from leaves.

In the 17th century, people used to go to their barbershop to make their teeth whiter. The barber put his teeth in and anointed them with nitric acid. Unfortunately, this practice has left people with few or no teeth because they are rotten.

Using Brushing Gel to Brush Teeth

One way to whiten teeth most people try at home is to use a white gel. The cleansing gel is cheap and easy to obtain. Bleaching gels are made with a peroxide solution that can be used in many different ways. The gel can be applied to a white tray over the teeth, or with a small brush or toothbrush. It can also be wrapped in a white pen and coated with a pen.

Benefits of Using Bleaching Gel

One of the benefits of using a bleaching gel to clear teeth is easy to apply. Because you can apply the gel on a tray, pen, or paint directly on the teeth with a brush it makes it easier for people to apply the gel to any method that works for them. The cleaning gel works for 10 minutes, making it suitable for people who want to clean their teeth before leaving or going to work. Cleaning gel is not as bad as other types of white dental products because it is thick. But despite the benefits of using bleaching gel, it is not always the best option for Teeth whitening.

Problems using Bleaching Gel

Cleansing gel, like other peroxide-based toothpaste, does not whiten teeth significantly. If your teeth have small spots or look dull, a Teeth whitening gel will make your teeth look white. But if your teeth are altered or severely damaged the peroxide gel will not be strong enough to make your teeth whiter. The other bad thing is that the gel has to stay in your teeth to work which means you can’t eat, drink, or do anything that can loosen the gel on the teeth every time you wear the gel. Applying the gel daily can weaken the plaque in your teeth and over time can cause sensitivity or make any existing sensitivity worse.

The toothpaste you can buy in stores is famous for burning chemicals and losing toothpaste. Because these kits are made of one size fits all they usually do not fit properly. When the tray or string does not fit your teeth exactly there is a high risk that you will find a solution to make a toxic tooth in your gums that will cause burns. Over time these kits peel off the enamel on the teeth which can weaken the tooth and cause discoloration or even tooth loss.

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