Is choosing a domain name really that important? If you have a well-designed website, finding a perfect domain name is essential if you want people to visit your website. A domain name is the most important aspect of your website. It creates the first impression of your website, for web users to view your URL first.

A domain tells something important about your business and defines your brand. Therefore, it is essential that you find a name that distinguishes your website from other websites. You can get the assistance of a service provider to search domain names that suit your product or service. Fortunately, you have several ways to have a name that visitors can identify easily online.

Why should you search for the right domain name?

Your website is known to people by name on the Internet. A good and distinctive domain name will make a lasting impression. Here are a few reasons to choose a domain wisely.

  • A distinguishable domain will leave an impression on the online visitors who are likely to return.
  • Web users will get an idea about your business and products or services by seeing your domain name.
  • A name with business-related keywords will have an influence on search engine optimization (SEO) rankings.
  • The right domain will gain brand recognition.

A website name represents your brand and business, and hence you should be careful about choosing a domain for your online store or website.

Whether you own a retail outlet or run an online store, you need an identity to help potential customers find you. A website with an appropriate name will help people know where your business is and what is it doing. For instance, a New Zealand-based business can have the right name with a generic top-level domain (TLD) like ‘.com’ or a country-specific TLD like ‘.nz’ to attract customers. With ‘’, ‘’, and ‘.nz’, you can attract local markets in NZ.

Some points to consider when choosing a domain

You should know what domain is better for your website, and you can get it if you keep in mind a few essential points explained here.

1.    Have a name with a combination of keywords

You can create a domain using any name, but if you want to make it effective, you need to have strong keywords related to your industry or business. It will give you some SEO benefits like heavy traffic, good search engine rankings, and high conversions. Using a keyword finder, you can have suitable keywords. Creating a name by using a combination of keywords will help the web users know about your business and encourage them to visit it.

Some popular websites with such names include ‘’ and ‘’. They convey important information like what your business is all about.

2.    Choose the right domain name extension

A domain extension is the most essential element of a website address. The most popular and familiar extension is ‘.com’. If you want to have customers from places across the world, you can select the generic TLD like ‘.com’. The other option include net, .edu, .org, .biz, .info, and .club. 

In case your startup wants to attract local customers like those in New Zealand, you can choose specific extensions like ‘.nz’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘.kiwi’, and ‘’. With the help of a reliable registrar in NZ, you can get ‘.nz’ domain versions at a discount. The New Zealand Domain Name Commission (DNC) can help you with a list of authorized registrars. 

3.    Select a short, easy-to-read, and memorable domain

The name that is short, clear, and easy to pronounce is easy to remember for people. Avoid choosing long words; instead, restrict your name to 5-7 characters to make it crispy. Having special characters or hyphens may confuse the visitors, so try to avoid them as far as possible. 

Considering all the points given above, you can search a domain name successfully. Further, look for a registrar who offers domain auto-renewal, a personalized email address, and freeparking of a domain.

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