Finishes and framing of European craft kitchen cabinets


Euro-style kitchen cabinets are fantastic. If you have a kitchen that needs a simple pick-me-up, add these cabinets. These kitchen cabinets are incredible. With simple, clean lines, they own a practical style and designs. Moreover, these cabinets are smooth. Also, they have overlay doors and drawers with no frame. Indeed, the frameless construction makes these cabinets highly versatile. Furthermore, these cabinets have a good storage plan.

These stylish kitchen cabinets are standard in the United states of America. They have more residential space as compared to other countries. Therefore, European designers have created these cabinets with a lot of love and care. Indeed, style and elegance go hand in hand with these kitchen cabinets. No doubt they have great looks, but they are equally functional as well.

They own a minimalist design. Well, they have no moldings. Also, they do not have any decorative trims. However, they have soft and flat surfaces. Sometimes these cabinets have concealed hinges. With these cabinets, even a tiny kitchen seems to be extra spacious. They have seemingly endless beauty. Moreover, high gloss finishes add an extra flair. 

Fameless construction of European craft kitchen cabinets 

Most often, people tend to buy forevermark cabinets. Because they have more decorative trims, also, they have sharp edges and a better reveal. But euro-style kitchen cabinets have a frameless construction. These cabinets usually have no reveal. Therefore, they provide maximum storage. 

Doors are mainly in the frames.  Indeed they show a perfect fit. However, traditionally kitchen cabinets have a frame around the doors and drawers.  Well, sometimes they have an inset look. Moreover, some of the cabinets have an overlay design. 

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Keep in mind, people today don’t like the framed aperture. Because the frames reduce the storage space. So, for the busy kitchen, they do not work ideally. Modern kitchen cabinets lack all such limitations. In these cabinets, drawers and doors are mounted directly.

Along with this, they have a more refined finish. Well, you can open the entire cabinet at once. These features force the buyers to get these cabinets’.  Furthermore, if you lack space in the kitchen to place the household items, these cabinets are the most effective choice. 

Construction material 

No doubt, these kitchen cabinets are a top-notch choice. These cabinets work well in all styles as they are a highly durable choice. Well, these cabinets have high quality plywood. They are 100% certified and meet all construction standards. Along with the basic cabinet box, doors are also of high quality. They are made using a medium-density fiberboard. However, they have a unique finish that is the total of the customer’s choice. Indeed, the end product owns a hardwearing and durable finish.

Last but not least, these modern cabinets make the kitchen most practical. Also, these cabinets can handle tough wear and tear. So, if you are going to buy these cabinets, you are on the right side. 

Standard finishes of Euro-style kitchen cabinets 

Euro-style kitchen cabinets have different door styles and wood finishes. However, three standard finishes are:

  1. Thermofoil 
  2. Melamine
  3. Lacquer 

1. Thermofoil

This is a durable finish. Moreover, it is exceptionally hard. These cabinets own a smooth finish that is vinyl. Well, it is bonded with doors to add a modern look. Indeed, cabinets with this finish need no strict maintenance. Moreover, they have additional protection.  Also, they can easily handle moisture and heat. Therefore, they are ideal for busy kitchens. This Is a perfect choice. They make your kitchen practical as well as stylish.  

2.  Melamine

Perhaps, melamine is a type of laminate. This is used to create a wide array of textures. Well m it is also used to make wood grain. Just like Thermofoil, it is also durable. Moreover, it has good resistance to stains and scratches. They are perfect for all kitchen styles. Also, these finishes make the cabinets the most attractive of all. Melamine makes the cabinet best for all kitchen styles. Their extra protective layer makes them worthwhile for busy kitchens.

  1.  Lacquer Paint

This is one of those finishes that provide a fantastic look. They add a reflective tone. Moreover, they are matte finishes that add a stunning look. Keep in mind; lacquer has no color. It is colorless. But it provides a fantastic and tough coating.  Doors with both paint and lacquer finishes work great. Well, they also have a layer of paint. Paint and lacquer provide an antique appearance to kitchen cabinets.  


By now, you have a clear idea of what European craft kitchen cabinets offer; after deciding to buy these cabinets, make sure you are selecting the right shop. Indeed, these cabinets are the best among all. These modern cabinets add a unique aura to contemporary homes. Moreover, they work perfectly in both woody and colorful kitchens. High gloss finishes make these cabinets a practical choice. Well, don’t exhaust yourself by answering unknown questions.  But these cabinets make your kitchen perfectly remarkable.  

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