Five Good Things about Family Therapy


People learn values and principles from the family. Every family has its beliefs, code of conduct, and ethics. They support each other at the time of crisis and provide emotional, physical, and financial support. But what happens when they are disconnected and faces conflict, everything turns upside down affecting day to day activities.

In this modern world, there is a solution to every problem. Many people are seeking advice from the family therapist to enjoy a smooth and happy life. The expert can help and guide you in ample problems.

Maintain a healthy relationship:

Many conflicts arise in marriages because every family has its value and when two people having different cultures and values stays together, the problem arises.

The therapist helps to eliminate these differences by giving you tips to maintain strong relations like:

  • Listen to each other effectively.
  • Understanding other points of view.
  • Give each other your time as much as possible.
  • Learn to trust more.

Filling the communication gap with each other:

Lack of communication is faced in many families leading to misunderstanding and damaging relations. This issue is not only faced by the couples but it is prevalent between children and parents as well.

It has several negative consequences on the relationship leaving an individual neglected and un-valued.  Thus the therapist can help you by suggesting ways to bridge this gap.

Respecting other’s opinions:

Many people, especially old age, are dominant and reluctant to hear other’s views. There may be an individual in a family who has the behaviour issue of imposing their viewpoints on others.

This behavior only creates a negative environment creating the stress in the family. The therapist can help to make the environment more engaging for every family member. They help to balance everyone’s views and opinions with their suggestions. People develop belief based on the set of life experiences but listening to other’s perspectives and minds is an integral part of a happy life.

Canada based family therapist Shelley Behr Family Therapy is helping individuals, couples, family, and children experiencing life difficulties, personal growth, conflicts, and change. Having extensive experience in areas of anxiety, depression, phobias, relationship issues, child issues, divorce, grief, loss, and life transition, Shelley Behr understands and identifies the individual natures and each client’s need. 

Help clearly define the roles:

Sometimes parents may lack the skills and strategy to deal with the children, raising behavioral issues in children.

The therapist helps to develop the roles and reasonability of parents and making strategies to deal with the child. They also help in finding out the reason of children throwing tantrums and for their stubborn behavior.

Encourage Problem Solving:

For example, there are four adult members in the family all having different suggestions and viewpoints to be a certain situation. In this case, the family may find it hard to reach to a certain solution.

The therapist helps the family assisting them to develop the problem- solving approach and how to reach the consensus. They explain the value of effective listening and respecting each other.

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