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The eLearning industry is undergoing significant changes that have made it more competitive than ever before. The very first thing that a learning management system should be able to do is create an engaging learning environment.

One of the most common complaints among adult learners is that their LMS courses are boring. If a learner is bored and disengaged, they are more likely to stop engaging with your course material or even drop out entirely. This can be a huge problem for you as a course creator or corporate trainer and for the learners because they do not get the knowledge for which they joined the course.

The good news is that there are ways to make your online courses more engaging and interactive for your learners. Here are five ways to keep your learners engaged and help them retain in your training course till completion.

Ways you can make your online course interactive:

1.     Turn abstract concepts into visual representations:

Including audio and video content and different multimedia is a thing of the past. New age trainers are incorporating Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their interactive courses. These technologies pave the way to understand the real-life scenario-based learning of the job to be undertaken by new trainees while onboarding and make the course engaging.

2.     Provide opportunities for reflection and flexibility:

Online courses need to be interactive to keep learners engaged, but learners also need time to reflect on what they have learned. An eLearning platform provides the flexibility of centrally available learning content all the time and anywhere even on mobile devices.

A WordPress LMS plugin provides the eLearning framework. Everything you need for creating, hosting, selling, and sharing courses is included.

3.     Keep the 2-way interaction:

The best part about online learning platforms is that you can interact with your peers and instructors at any time of the day or night and keep learning. Online courses are a great way to create a community of learners. LMS provides interactive learning platforms that allow people from different parts of the world, who have varied interests, to unite to discuss and share opinions on certain topics by integrating social media platforms. Trainers can include polls and surveys, Use discussion forums and create social spaces.

Trainers can also utilize chatbots on WordPress LMS websites to provide personalized messages and keep up the 2-way interaction.

4.     Check progress:

Just like a teacher that conducts short assessments in a physical classroom to assess how much students have learned, a trainer can also conduct tests frequently in an online classroom. You can take the quiz on topics that have already been addressed, or you can also identify skill gaps and recognize future leaders.

A learning management system (LMS) enables you to construct quizzes and polls like a pro. A trainer may also specify when the tests should become live and compute the score entirely on their own and generate a report for future certification.

5.     Gamify training:

Learners understand things more effectively when they become actively involved in the learning process. As a result, integrating interactive activities into your corporate training sessions is a terrific method to help your hybrid trainee understand a topic faster while also making them enjoy the learning process.

Make room for interesting puzzles, strategic thought-provoking games, problem-solving exercises, situational judgement situations, and other activities that will help students develop their problem-solving and decision-making talents, as well as become more imaginative and inclusive. Learners are inspired to accomplish better when they are rewarded for their good work. This will keep the students on their toes and encourage friendly rivalry among them. A gamification feature of LMS will help you create a reward system using leadership boards and scoreboards.


Online courses are usually text-heavy, which makes them even less exciting for learners. To help you fix this problem, the above-mentioned interactive ways will retain learners in an online course in LMS.

By saif