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Play out the Build collaboration for a versatile application through the Automated Build procedure, where you can deliver the .apk (Android application pack) or the .ipa record (iOS App Store group). Another way is to download Cordova/PhoneGap reasonable .pack reports to build structures genuinely for Android/iOS stages.

Wave Maker RAD Platform maintains you to collect adaptable applications in the going with ways:

Wave Maker Low code Platform

Work for Android: Through this structure, you can make APK records which can be stamped and worked with on PlayStore.

Manual Build: Through this structure, you can make or download a .pack report which can be also advanced to be worked with on any adaptable stage.

Android Build

Android Build makes an examine structure (DEV in a manner of speaking) .apk archive using Cordova Build System, which you can present on any Android phone. The structure incorporate triggers a structure requesting to the system, and the report gets created. Once the .apk archive is ready, the assertion will be sent off the Developer’s email account.

For building a .apk archive, Mobile Configuration should be set. Versatile Configuration can be set freely for each pre-portrayed application game plans – DEV or PROD.

Steps to play out an APK Build

To play out an APK Build, using the Workspace Toolbar from Build task select Build for Android.

Configuration Details

Application Properties

Application Name: By default, it is set to the name of the WaveMaker application. You can set the name not exactly equivalent to the application name.

Server Path: By default, it gives a server way where the application is being worked with. You can adjust this field accepting that you are working with your application elsewhere, like web server.

Expecting None is picked, it communicates that there is no backend server to relate. As such, the going with applies:

The application won’t ping WaveMaker properties, and it will get it locally.

Best Low code application improvement stage security won’t work.

The application can’t interact with any informational collections that are worked with.

Detached helpfulness isn’t maintained.

Rest API variables would work without delegate.

Application Information: It shows information associated with the application like Application ID (as per usual, com.appname), Version (normally, 0.0.1) and you can modify the fields as indicated by your necessities.

Top Low code application development platform

Architect Information: Provide nuances like Developer Name, Developer URL, and Developer Email (normally, set to WaveMaker account email id).


You can see the once-over of nearby components used in the application. You worked on any flexible device or use any contraption variable or convenience, the module is auto-picked and ought to be noticeable in Plugins region, thusly ensuring application to get to phone neighborhood features like Barcode scanner, Calendar, Camera, Contacts, File, Geolocation, Network and Vibrate.

From 8.4 conveyance onwards, Plugins other than Standard Plugins can be added from More Plugins. Give the module name and module variation to present the module in the assignment.

White Listings

Most mobiles block induction to outside locales for security. If your application needs induction to external locales these can be set in the URL Whitelist. For example, in the event that you want to give induction to investigate resources for your application, taking everything into account, the URL Whitelist would be http://.google.com/See here for extra nuances.

RAD Rapid application development platform Model

Point can be used to decide any applications that would should be shipped off through your application. See here for extra nuances

Android Preferences

These properties portray the application lead on the contraption. You have the decision to pick the Minimum Target Android Version beginning from the drop menu. Set the bearing of the screen to Portrait or Landscape and engage or incapacitate Full Screen.

Android Icon and Splash Screens

These properties license you to portray stage express images. You can pick or modify the images and sprinkle screens as per your contraption type and screen objective.

Save and Build Configuration

Directly following giving all of the essential properties, Save the game plan properties for a future structure.

Gather will show the status window and will set off a structure sales to WaveMaker Build System, where we get the Cordova pack first and later make the .apk record disengaged. Once the .apk record is ready, you will help it through an email.

For making release apk to Publish on Playstore use Manual Build.

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