Flowers are necessary for every Hindu event. By utilizing flowers, you can express your love and devotion to your deity. The scent gives the place of worship an uplifting and beautiful atmosphere. As a result, good energy is drawn in and a conducive environment for worship is created. Ganesh Chaturthi is quickly approaching, so we’ve put together a list of lovely flowers that you can order flowers online from online shops you should use in the pooja since Lord Ganesha enjoys these lovely blooms. Consequently, have a peek at our list of Bappa’s favorite flowers!

1.   Hibiscus flowers

This plant is a perennial shrub with all-year blooms. It is one of the plants that grow in Indian gardens. Lord Ganesha is typically given the single-flowered red form of hibiscus; in fact, hibiscus is thought to be his favorite flower. It advises utilizing this flower throughout the entire ten-day celebration.

2. Balsam flower

It is a perennial herb. The monsoon season is known for being a great time for balsam growth. The wild balsam with pink flowers spontaneously grows by the side of the road and in the fields in India. These wildflowers bloom right before the Ganesh festival. Ganesh Puja can also use balsam of the garden type.

3. Hill turmeric flowers

This plant, which grows wild in India, blooms during the monsoon season. The herb, which is tuberous and upright, is employed in several medications. The flowering inflorescence shape. During the Ganesh celebration, residents collect the huge, noticeable blooms from the boundaries of the forests.

4. Glory lily flower

Another indigenous Indian plant blooms profusely during the Ganesh festival and grows organically during the monsoon. A truly uncommon and magnificent bloom, the glory lily is a sight to behold. The petals of the blossom gradually arch backward, lengthen, and change color from green to yellow to scarlet as the blossom ages. It is an exceptionally medicinal climber.

5. Golden Champa flowers

It is a medium-sized tree with long leaves that have mango-like wavy borders. The blossoms are smooth, fragrant, and golden. It grows in parks, compounds, and avenues. The monsoon season is when the tree blossoms and flowers are easily accessible in every Indian flower market.

6.  Parijat flower

With allusions to the Mahabharata, this plant is among the most important in Indian history and mythology. The plant is either a tiny tree or a tall shrub. Flowers that resemble jasmine are extremely fragrant. White petals with an orange base make up flowers. Early in the morning, blooming flowers produce a spectacular carpet of clustered petals that fall to the ground.

7.   Pomegranate flowers

The ornamental pomegranate plant is planted primarily for its blossoms rather than its fruits. It has double red flowers that are borne on upright branches and are fairly tall and bushy in stature. In place of hibiscus, these flowers offer to Lord Ganesha during the rainy season.

8.  Bakul flower

It is a medium-sized, spherical, evergreen tree. The tree’s fragrant, tiny, cream-colored, delicate blossoms, which also make lovely hairbands and garlands, are what make it so alluring. Numerous blossoms fall from the tree. Overflowing blossoms occur during the Ganesh celebration.

9. Ketki flowers

At the borders of fields, bushes, and beaches, this plant grows erratically in small patches. Large, strap-like, leathery, long, spirally organized leaves with prickly margins are present. With time, the plant grows into a tree that is about 18 m tall and produces fragrant blossoms that Hindu women greatly adore and respect. These flowers offer during the Ganesh festival in Indian flower markets.

10. Chrysanthemum flower

Chrysanthemums, both annual and perennial, come in a huge variety that can find in Indian flower markets. During the Ganesh festival, varieties that bloom in the monsoon used. There aren’t many other garden flowers that come in such a wide variety of lovely colors, shapes, and heights.

Capping words:

This year, let’s be the ones to buy gorgeous flowers for the holidays for your loved ones and surprise them via online flower delivery in Bangalore and get a head start on Ganesh Chaturthi preparations. I wish you all a happy holiday season for the next 10 days, which everyone looks forward to all year. I wish you, everyone, a happy holiday and much success and optimism.