Whatever be the reason for wearing them, but wigs can surely add a new dimension to your personality. There is a wig for everyone who is looking out for it. However, choosing the right type of wig can be a tedious task given the fact that there is a huge range of options available in the market.

Human hair wigs are very famous these days. There are a lot of mens hair pieces for sale and human hair wigs wholesale suppliers available. This article will help you by giving simple tips to follow when shopping for human hair wigs.

Measure Your Head Size

Knowing your head-size always helps while buying a perfect human hair wig. Even if it is an adjustable wig, one that fits on your head is the most desirable ones. By size of the head, we mean the circumference of the skull from ear to ear.

The average size is around 25 inches. You can use an inch tape or a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your skull. This will be a very useful metric to select a suitable wig for your head.

One That Suits Your Face’s Shape

Very few people consider this before buying a human wig but your face shape also determines how the wig will look on your head. An out of proportion wig which does not go along with the shape of your face is never desirable.

The four factors that define your face’s shape are:

·         Forehead

·         Distance between your cheekbones

·         Jawline

·         The vertical length of the face

The basic types of shapes of a face are as given below:

·         Heart

·         Round

·         Square

·         Oblong

·         Oval 

·         Diamond

Grade of the Hair Used

You should also give a good look at the grade of the hair being used in the human hair wig. The grade of the hair should be of good quality and should also match your hair’s grade. This will help in not letting the wig look abnormal or stick out in the crowd.

The cuticles of the hair should be intact and the strands should face in the same direction. Examine the texture of the hair too as it should feel like natural hair for the optimum experience.

Choose Your Style

Finally, we come to the styling. Many people try out wigs for giving their personality a new upgraded look. Many people suffering from hair loss also choose to go for human hair wigs to gain the missing component of their persona.

You should only choose the style which you are comfortable with. The density of the hair, the amount of curl, the extra lace, you should pay attention to every detail before you settle for a human hair wig. After all, it is going to change the way you look at yourself in the mirror.

These were some of the very simple steps that you should follow while shopping for human hair wigs. There are a lot of human hair wigs wholesale suppliers who provide high-quality wigs at very affordable prices.     

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