Four Cheap Painting Services In SingaporeFour Cheap Painting Services In Singapore


For things to go well, you’ll want the affordable painting services in Singapore since hiring professionals may cause more difficulty than it’s worthwhile. Poor paintwork is not only unattractive, and it is also less reliable than quality paint. Unprofessional painters can produce inconsistent work or be unaware of the impact of climate variables on their work. That’s why we’ve chosen to assist you now by providing you with a top four cheap painting services Singapore. Below is a collection of the greatest painters in the world. 

1. Singapore Painter Compared

Would you like to review the most affordable painting companies in Singapore? We’ve discovered the perfect place for you. Singapore Painter Compared is a website that enables you to evaluate colour service companies from all over  Singapore. Their comprehensive directory enables you to interact with just the most trustworthy businesses. 

Their sorting method may consider both your location and your painting needs, resulting in more reliable pricing projections that are guaranteed to suit your budget. When you want a painting contractor in Singapore, don’t delay checking out their webpage – you won’t be disappointed.

Service Highlights

There is a free quotation available. 

A comprehensive worldwide directory. 

Payments for your area’s as well as Painting needs 

Estimates prices accurately.

2. Reliable Painting SG

When you need a house painting service in Singapore, you will choose to work with a dependable and trusted business. Even as the name indicates, Reliable Painting SG is a business on which one could depend when looking for the highest painting providers. They have one of the biggest ranges of experience on the market: paint HDBs, condominiums, undeveloped buildings, economic buildings, and factories. 

The company’s experienced staff use Nippon Paint, guaranteeing that the work is completed rapidly and perfectly. As a result, they are a popular option for industrial, residential, and roof painting in Singapore.

Service Highlights

A good team of almost ten painters. 

Singapore has the most affordable painting prices. 

There are renovation services offered. 

Paints a diverse range of property kinds.

3. Nippon Painting Service

Being the forerunner in premium paint items, Nippon Painting Services is certainly trusted for its quality. Albeit somewhat expensive, remember that you are paying for first-class administration and a problem-free encounter. 

To improve upon the arrangement, they toss in an entire heap of gifts, for example, a free move up to ‘Scentless Anti-shape’ for your roof, free divider investigation, free computerized shading sneak peek for motivation and a year free guarantee. On top of every one of these, they additionally offer a 0% premium free year portion plan. 

Service Highlights

Discounts and deals are available. 

Paint suggestions for do-it-yourselfers 

A wide variety of paint products are available.

4. A&J Painting

A&J Painting is another agency for all of your repainting and maintenance requirements, offering anything from repair wiring to pipe repairs and even ground coating cleaning! With most of their experience, you could be certain that they will perform an excellent job on your house painting. And what is more, they place a great focus on preserving your equipment, carpeting, and power outlets throughout the colour process, as well as shifting any objects in your home and providing free sealing of screw holes as well as fracture areas – all at no additional cost.

Service Highlights

Air conditioning technologies. 

Electronic equipment. 

Polishing and varnishing of clothes rails. 

Polishes for limestone. 


Business Name : PS Painting Service Singapore – Condo, HDB, House & Room

Address : 7B Aliwal St, Chenn Leon Building, Singapore 199900

Phone: +65 6850 5025

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